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Virtual Assistant services Marta jobs

Every business person wish to offer the best to his clients. So, how success and business increase, person need some help-Assistant.

As we’re living in time of high taxes and expenses. But, also, decrease cost of our service/goods, so we have to find some balance between these two options.

So, good Secretary-real or Virtual as Assistant make that balance.

That means we can offer best things to our clients and, contemporary to do all work in time.

Because with VA, you don’t need to pay rent office, monthly salary, insurance and similar things but you can have content all sides of your business.
Collaboration with Virtual Assistant is precious and implement different services.

Virtual Assistant Social Media services Marta jobs

First of all, in our “digital era” every brand’s “must have” is a social media presence. But not everyone has time to commit to operating a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.

Independent of type of your brand, social media is important to it’s growth-so every business owner need social media Assistant / manager as a great help.

While your social media manager Assistant care about your brand’s/job online presence, and presence in right way-you have time to focus on your product/service.

Cost of SM managing depend of your needs:

Facebook Basic Assistant Package- Starting at $81/month

It’s perfect for those who post frequently and consistently, but not need “special services” engagement.
Your brand should already have some Facebook followers before utilizing this service.
This service include:
– One post daily Mon/Fri by client’s choice;
– Responding to comments as a page/group moderator/editor;
– Responding to messages on the page as a moderator/editor;

Facebook Full Assistant– Starting at $141/month

It’s full page/group management. Perfect for those clients which would like to focus on other parts of their brand.
This Package include:
– Responding to comments as a page/group moderator;
– Responding to messages as a page/group admin/editor;
– Posting relevant content every day by your or mine choice from different sources;
– Creating unique Facebook posts that will get audience interested in product/service;
– Share post at optimal times in relevant places;
– Creating relevant graphics to post in FB group/page;

Twitter Pack Assistant – Starting at $91/month

This is full Twitter management package. Optimal choice for busy people prefer to focus on their products/brand.

Twitter Full Assistant Pack include:

– Responding to replies on Twitter as owner;
– Responding to direct messages on Twitter as account owner;
– Engaging relevant people;
– Posting relevant content by your or mine choice or from different sources;
– Creating unique posts that’ll get your audience interested for your product;
– Scheduling Tweets and share at optimal time;

Twitter Basic Assistant Pack- Starting at $59/month

A basic customer service package for Twitter. Optimal for people which post frequently and their product/service/brand already have some Twitter followers.
This Pack include:
– Responding post replies on Twitter as owner;
– Responding direct messages on Twitter as owner;
– Engaging relevant people;


Instagram Basic Assistant Pack – Starting at $49/month
A basic customer service package for Instagram.
Excellent for people who post frequently and consistently, but already have followers and need just to save them or increase number little bit.

This service include:
– Reply to comments and direct messages as IG owner
– Engage relevant profiles as IG owner

Instagram Full Assistant Pack

Starting from $91/month
That is all-inclusive Instagram manage Pack.
– Reply post comments as IG owner;
– Reply to direct messages as IG owner;
– Engage relevant people as IG owner;
– Post photos to IG (one/per day Mon/Fri), from different sources;
– Creating unique graphics if necessary;
– Post as page manager;
– Planning Instagram posts*;

Virtual Assistant research Marta jobs

Business owner of international business need often some specific data for one country. That could be number of Inhabitants, cost of electricity, tax %, public transport and similar. That people need one Assistant to research relevant data.
This service include detail reply on client’s questionnaire and it could be paid by hour ($21/per hour) or as complete job.

Virtual Assistant correspondence services Marta jobs

E-mail correspondence service could be in English, Italian or West Balkan languages.
Cost depend of tasks (mail number, does it include translation, is it just correspondence with data already complete or need some research, is it necessary to use mailing lists). This service could be paid by: number of e-mails, hourly or monthly.
It’s possible to create text and send on client’s e-mail address or directly from client’s mail.

Virtual Assistant writing services Marta jobs

Creative blog writing and WP site creating/managing is optimal Assistant service for clients which need to publish their events or research. Or need to add some content from time to time on their blogs but have no time.

Scientist which have to present their research in a popular way.

Business people which already have their WP sites but haven’t time to up to date data.

To all of them high recommend AIOP(complete wp platform need-marketing tools,hosting, autoresponder etc all-in-one) and SEMRUSH (“must have tool” for every serious blogger)-offer discount for my clients on these two platforms).

Virtual Assistant advertising marketing services Marta jobs
This is for people which have good product but need specific marketing and advertising. Geo target, specific groups and similar or need advertising banner different size.
One gif. banner cost $10 or, set of three, (different sizes) $27.
Advertising/marketing service cost-depend of specific needs of client-by request.

Virtual Assistant writing services Marta jobs

Business people usually travel much. But, also haven’t time to care about organisation so usually get the most expensive option. If you plan your travel on time you can get big discounts. That means bigger budget for other important things in your company. So, you need Assistant which care about your calendar and find best solution. Transportation, accommodation, local restaurants research or discover interesting place to visit. So, you can get high quality service.
Cost depend of time spent to research. Could be paid by job, or monthly.

Virtual Assistant secretary services Marta jobs
All administrative services not mentioned above you can send request. Creating/update data base, EXcel, Word, PDF documents.

For all previously mentioned Virtual Assistant services could be paid in USD/EUR or Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin, through one of following Payment Processors
Payments, disclaimer, renewal subscription or refund policy is regulated by TOS of this site if not something specific added in Contract.

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