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Trading Marta jobs

For newbies in “earn on net” world-simply it’s buy/sell cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin was first decentralized currency created 2009. More information you can find on this pag e
After BTC different people created other “alternative”/”digital”/”virtual” currencies-popular known as “altcoins”.
As value of mentioned coins change it’s value, sometimes we can earn nice amount of money.

For instance, same thing as “Trading” are doing brokers on stocks with “normal” currencies.

But if you’re selling for instance USD when value increase and buy EUR when it decrease you can earn something.
Reasons to be trader
Trading Marta jobs

Usually, in these normal “Trading” you can earn in 0.1-1% per transaction and you have to be always “up to date”.

On Yobit you can get some free coins, they offer reasonable fees (0.2% trading) to create account for free click on signe YOBIT.

Trading Marta jobs

Next “high recommended” platform is:

Trading Marta jobs
Here you can see fees for: trading/ deposit/ withdrawal. As you can see more money you put your fee is less
Minimum order is 0.0001BTC

My favorite and most used wallet is.:

I prefer to use c-cex because of it’s simplicity, low fee and sometimes best rates.

So, if you don’t know much about trading, now after “segwit”(Segregated Witnesses) it’s right moment to start.
Important things: you must have trustfull person more experienced than you  which is monitoring market.
First few times let try with small amounts. Because, sometimes, you may be “good luck” and be in right time on right place” and double your money in just one night.
But, also you can loose money if you buy “wrong currency”. In this case good thing is that you didn’t loose your money forever, just you must have enough patience to WAIT.
Because, before or later, crypto you bought will touch value same or higher than in moment of your buying.
So, don’t waste your time and start immediately with any of recommended platforms.
If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact me on my FB or TwitterG+, Instagram

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