SEMRUSH-“must have” tools for every serious blogger

In this post you’ll know what is SEMRUSH, why it’s “must have” tool for every blogger & the benefits and how make your posts better by finding keywords

SEMRUSH Marta jobs-click

Semrush is a marketing tool, which provide better rank of your site.

With this tool you may find the way to improve your keywords ranking.
If you have no idea what keywords are driving traffic to your posts, you’ll have very low rank even if your posts are very good.

It’s especially important for posts written before 2012 bcs it were not targeted by any specific keywords.
My personal experience with this tool is amazing. My site “drop” on ALEXA more than 3 000 000 for just 17 days!!
So how to use Semrush?
First of all, you have to create your own account, and once you’re logged in put your domain into the search field.
When you’ll find high pay keywords for your site, insert that into the posts and you’ll increase you rating very fast.

Semrush key words Marta jobs-click
Practically we use Semrush to extract following important data from our blog:
1. Keywords we are ranking for
2. Money keywords
3. Traffic keywords

Semrush important data Marta jobs-click

This is maybe little bit expensive tool but if you’ll consider all benefits from Semrush-it’s not. Even, this will give you great opportunity to earn money by your Blog. If you applicate for some program as a Google Adsense or alternative as  Adzhits, Bidverttiser, Ayboll.

Semrush will be your precious “partner” in this business.

But, Semrush is not “omnipotent”-you have to do much more different things to make your Blog more visible.

After that, it’s important to use different keywords optimization plugin. To pay attention to backlink building, to use different social media (FB pageTwitterG+, Startpeeps, TSU, WowApp ) share new posts at least once at 7-10 days.
And, in this case, result won’t missing!


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