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While we’re talking about PTC or Paid-To-Click (or some people call “BUX”) sites we can find so many people avoid those sites.

Usually we find many prejudice about PTC. People whose are out of “earning online world” has prejudice that is something as “quick money scheme”.
Instead of them, very experienced “making money online” people, saw that as “wasting time” or something for kids and “beginners“. Because they say, there are so many more ways to earn more money faster.

As someone who tried different online earning opportunity I may say that my own experience with PTC is very positive.

Marta jobs PTC

Not so much for earning MONEY but earning EXCELLENT QUALITY ADVERTISING.

Even you’re trying to rent/sell your apartment or get your business more visible, those sites are excellent choice.
Because people will watch rather something and be PAID for that (even if it’s $0.001) than if they see some advertising for free.
Second thing, usually you can set up target category-country or business.
Third thing “PRO” is popularity of PTC sites. Usually they have big number of members WORLDWIDE.
So, except OFFER you can FIND something you’re looking for long time.

Marta jobs PTC

If we’re talking about “earning” (because this is site dedicated to “earn on net“) it’s true that you can not expect earn much MONEY with PTC.

Usually, as free member, you can expect few cents daily. If you’re wish to increase your profit, usually you have two ways.
You can paid upgrade or rent referrals.
First way mean pay usually monthly subscribe and get more ads, higher value and be paid to watch it.
Second way is rent people click on ads instead of you.

But, by my opinion biggest benefit of become member of some PTC site is advertising.
Except target advertising and big number of members watching your ads, advertise on these sites is much more cheaper! Compare with other advertising ways.
Even, you can collect credits by watching other people ads and use it for your advertisement. Practically advertising without money!

Usually you can not find these sites between high recommended on list of “safe and stable earning” ways. Because PTC sites are “seasonal jobs”-usually last few weeks. But few weeks of intensive viewing of your advertisement.

But if you are beginner, participate those sites are precious experience.
First of all because you can get “real picture” about “earning on net“.
And you’ll understand that there are not “easy money” or “money without working”.
Third, if you earn some money, payout is low and you can use one of processors with low fee as Perfect Money

PTC mentioned in this article are actual at the moment, owner is honest admin, paying in this moment. With cheap advertising and good quality. I can say this because I have plugin to check up live visits of my site.
Marta jobs PTC

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