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This is a post how to SAVE yourself, your MONEY and l(earn) about Leader and didn’t ask tips.

In case that you’re beginner this is “must have” literature.

If you’re NOT beginner, but you’re fascinated by “Leader” & “big Marketers”.
You’re always loosing money even when other earn.
Or, if you use “believe” and “job/business” in one sentence EVEN MORE!

Leader Marta jobs

This was ad which inspired me to write this post about people declared as Leader.

So many people make money online. Working online jobs. Every day. Some of them earn more and other less.
We’re living in time of fast life, “Ypsilon generation”, modern technologies.

Internet offer so many opportunities.

It is normally that our way of earning is different of our parent’s way.
Some of us earn by knowledge, some people by sell something, other offer services, or make money from advertising.
No one of mentioned thing is not wrong or bed.
How much will we earn depend of our abilities, of preferences and of course from amount we can spend/invest.

We can say, successful people are that which choose type of job in which they’re best.

Usually in online jobs we’ll get some percent if we’ll recommend some company, site and so on.
If somebody register through our affiliate link-he won’t loose anything but we’ll get small rewards from company.
That is usual and normal thing in business.
It’s not “something for nothing”.
Because if I spent my money to put my ad somewhere and you’ll find that information for free, it’s ok if I get back that money.
Or  if I earn because I spend my time to create that ad.
Or if you’re beginner and I practically “teach” you how to do something to earn money online. If I get some percent for that-it’s ok too.
Leader Marta jobs
But.. This is not article about that.

This is article about MISUSE of mentioned things, about tricks, and people call themselves “Leader”.

Which give you tips you didn’t ask (usually useless).
Some people, calling themselves “Leader” NEVER spend OWN money. But, they’ll warmly recommend YOU to spend YOURS.
After that they’ll take their percent-“referral commission”.
Because THAT is their “earning”.
They will ask (and get) payout MONEY COLLECTED FROM OTHER PEOPLE and publish it. Without one single own cents spent.
On this way, they introduce themselves as “successful Leader”.
Or, “big marketers”.

But they’re not. They’re just TRICKERS.

If you’re beginner or if you’re person which don’t like to LEARN day and night, you’ll be fascinated.
You’ll loose your money by “velocity of light”-but you can NOT say that you’re tricked.
Because you acted based on your beliefs and not FACTS!
We can believe in God, in Darwin’s theory, in humanity, or any other ABSTRACT thing.
But while we’re talking about BUSINESS, we have to be RESPONSIBLE.

We have to use:
-Previous experience

NO ONE successful businessman is not successful because of “beliefs”. ONLINE OR OFFLINE!
But because of using  “six golden things” mentioned up.

So if you loose your money-online or offline, you can blame JUST YOURSELF and absence of responsibility.
It’s fact that online we have OPPORTUNITY to earn FASTER or HIGHER PERCENT or with MORE COMFOR than “offline”
But it’s just opportunity!
Shall we be in profit or loss-depends of many things.

But if you see something like this image as “opportunity” I can not blame this guy but you.

Leader Marta jobs

If in REAL life somebody tell you-“dear give me $50 and You’ll earn $18000”-SHALL YOU BELIEVE?
Most probably NOT.

And WHY you believe if you read this somewhere in internet? From UNKNOWN person?

So, if you loose your money it’s because YOU didn’t use Math, Logic, Calculation, Experience and your BRAIN.
Because you believed in PICTURE that your “Leader” “served you on plate”.
So many people call themselves “Leaders” because they had success in something.
And because they are good in convicting people to do same things as they do.
But if something drop down they’re FIRST which are screaming: “this is trick”, “I won’t participate in something like this never ever more”..

Here we came into point number two:

You’ll see one person saying best things about something, convicting you to join, after a while “spitting” the same thing.
My question is WHY are you believing this person?
Or, WHY don’t you believe to YOUR OWN BRAIN? 
Because you WISH RATHER to believe in NICE PICTURE.
Leader Marta jobs

So, question is “what to do”? How to earn in “online business”? How to recognise honest people from trickers and opportunity from “nothing in nice box”?

After my three years long “online career”, many success and fails, earning in online jobs and disappointment. I can just say:


You can believe people which use “6 gold things”.

Mean-if somebody tell you:
“Look this is amazing, you can earn million spending $5”.
It’s just UNREAL promise. WITHOUT any arguments, or data.
But if somebody show you that he/she use “6 things” it’ll look much different.
He/she, most probably says something like this:

“See, this is something new from Admin known as honest.(experience) He/she already has two/three sites and that lasted 4-5 months(STATISTIC)
So, that is expecting time of lasting his/her new job (LOGIC). Product/services cost $$xy and give profit of xy % on daily basis (mathematic and calculation). If we’ll start it at the beginning we’ll earn faster and it’s easier to get referrals. So it’s higher possibility to get our seed money back faster and start to earn faster. (Using of brain). But I can’t guarantee anything because risk exist always. Don’t spend much or we can invest together”

Person like this is honest, has arguments and rarely call him/herself “Leader”.
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