This is post about Coinbase -best Bitcoin wallet.

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How to use Coinbase send/receive money and how to check up what’s going on with your transaction.

Coinbase Marta jobs
Coinbase is excellent use friendly wallet to buy/sell; send/receive your Bitcoins without fee!

Coinbase Marta jobs

First of all after registration (it’s free!)you have to log into your account and you’ll find following.:

Coinbase Marta jobs

As you can see, on this page you’ll find current value of Bitcoin in currency you already choose. Also, you’ll see your current balance.

After that if you go on your account.:
Coinbase Marta jobs
Here you can find your Bitcoin/Ethereum address (it’s your personal account for receiving money). That is signed by arrow. This address you’ll send every time when you expect money to receive. So, money sender can transfer money on your address.

How to send/request money from/to Coinbase?

Coinbase Marta jobs
As you can see send money is simple-just to insert e-mail or BTC adress of receiver/merchant and amount. It is signed by arrows.
Usually merchant give you temporary BTC adress and exact ammount you have to send. Mean if you buy from same merchant something every next time you have to ask for new address. It look like this:

Coinbase Marta jobs
After you send money (or your client/employer notice you that he/she send you money). usually you have to wait about 30 minutes before can use it.

In the meantime how you can check what’s going on with your transaction?
Go on this site
and insert your (or merchant’s Bitcoin adress) into square signed by arrow and you’ll see current status of your transaction.
Coinbase Marta jobs
During transaction confirmation you’ll get e-mail from Coinbase about receiving money.
Coinbase Marta jobs

So, as you’ll need to use Bitcoin one day, best solution is to open account for free in this wallet. Except it’s most simple to use (compare with other wallets) you’ll finish your transaction WITHOUT FEE!!

Coinbase Marta jobs

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