BTCfork November opportunity

BTCfork Marta jobs

What is BTCfork (Bitcoin Fork)?
It’s change of digital currency software that creates two separate versions of blockchain with shared history.
This could be temporary, lasting few minutes/hours or remain permanent split.

During “fork”(in this case BTCfork) it’s usual during process that will create some new currencies.

In this case we will expect new currency-BItcoinGold.

BTCfork Marta jobs

Different wallets has different opinions about BTCfork and Bitcoin Gold.
Bitcoin Gold or known as Bitcoin GPU or BGOLD is “.. full node implementation of the Bitcoin protocol..”.
And BTCgold mining will protect Bitcoin Key vallue.
Common attitude is that, all of them, will accept Bitcoin Gold but without permission to send it or receive.
Satoshi Labs-creator of wallett “Treasure” offers explanation that they won’t support BTCgold because of insecurity of transaction.
Their opininion is that chain of BTCGold is “not completed” and not “protected of repetition” so not secure enough.
BTCfork Marta jobs
What is “protection of repetition”?
It’s a “keyword” for every cryptocurrency.

In this case BTC gold is BTCfork-so form of transaction and all parameters are same.

So it’s transaction from one chain could be copied in another chain and valid. It may result as coin’s lost.
Even, that can be dangerous and compromise current Bitcoins which are in your account.
Coinbase sent their customers e-mail.:
that any customer with a Bitcoin balance on Coinbase (open account for free here) at the time of fork will give equal amount of the Bitcoin2x. asset on the Bitcoin2x blockchain.
It will be automated process, we don’t need take any action. They will automatically credit our accounts.
But, even them won’t permit sending/ receiving of new currency.
Bittrex see danger in fact that there are present previously mined BTCGold from private miners(c-ca 100000BTG or 8000 blocks). Second thing is there are publically known code programmers. So there is high risk that programmers will sell their coins in open market.
So only thing we could do is wait.
But, in the meantime, risk takers see excellent chance to sell/buy some coins because occasions like this offer opportunity of high earning. The best platforms for trading you may find here:

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