If you’re one of beginners, wish to earn some money on net but you don’t know HOW, you’re in right place. First of all beginners find all necessary information about it. Different program, web hosting, blogging, investment.

How beginners will find difference between safe and scam sites?

How to protect yourself from hackers, viruses, malware? Sponsor/referral These and much more necessary beginners‘s information are here

Marta jobs beginners net earn

All beginners are asking themselves:

”Is it possible to earn money in internet?” – the answer is YES.
“Is it possible to become millionaire in three days doing nothing?”-conclusion is NO 

Other answers on beginners dilemma (how, where, or what you need for this) you can find at this site.

It’s simply. Following rules, learning from successful people and hard working WITH MUCH PATIENTS. Finally, on this way, even beginners, you’ll become successful,too. 

This is the job as every other. Almost all beginners see something very attractive. But, if you read or see something like “ will earn 6 figures number for job of few minutes a day..”.
Or “..with us you can become millionaire working one or two hours..” Marta jobs beginners net earnFORGET IT! Because, earning money for doing nothing isn’t possible.

Working on internet is probably the same as working at the any other place. In conclusion, difference is that you have possibility to work during the day when it’s more comfortable to you. Or, from different places,too.


What beginners need to start?

First of all, you should open one gmail account-because you will need an e-mail address to register on different sites and is “compatible” with most sites. 

After that, the next step is to make accounts on different payment processors-to collect your withdrawal.
It’ bothering for beginners, but necessary, so let you “sacrifice” one day just for that.
Most important of net earning is-protect your personal data from misuse.
It’s good to have one “internet use only” prepaid credit card to add money at beginning. Usually it’s free credit card without monthly fees.
So, you’ll protect your bank account, personal data or other credit cards from misuse.

Marta jobs beginners net earn

Marta jobs beginners net earn

When you open some site you can see somewhere: “JOIN” or “REGISTER NOW” or “SIGN UP”. All those mean the same. You have to become “member” of that site to be able to get some benefits.
Usual form look like this:

After this open your e-mail which you left in registration form and wait. Usually in a minut-two you’ll get so called “confirmation link”. Clicking on that you practically confirm your identity and after that you can normally log into your account.

Marta jobs beginners net earn

If you would like to be successful-you have to be visible as much as possible. For this reason it’s recommended to open separate accounts on all social media.

Use it just for job – FB, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

Than join different groups regarding e-marketing, net jobs, avoiding scam sites etc.

Marta jobs beginners net earn

What does that mean(sponsor, affiliates, referral, commission, banner code, link..)?

You’ll find in use these words often and on almost every site.
Sites offer some percentage to people which bring’s new customers.
Usual term for this is “affiliate program”.

When you click on some interesting site, on “join” button-somewhere in register form is written something like “confirm your sponsor…”.
It’s written some nickname
Sponsor is person which insert’s that link somewhere and we found it. When we register we become referral of that person.

Marta jobs beginners net earn

Why to be “referral” of somebody?

All of us try to avoid to be referrals at the beginning. 🙂
But consequently, somebody HAD TO PUT LINK to give us chance to find it.
So, ALL OF US are referral of somebody. While we’re working on net we even become sponsors.

Your direct referrals are people which joined some program using your promotion link.
Rented referrals are people that will click on your site and we have to paid for it. Example:

Marta jobs beginners net earn

For direct referrals you’ll get percentage of their earnings-it’s your “referral commission”-from usual 10% (MyPayingAds or Paidverts) to 100%, aiop 

Why is it important to have good sponsor and how to choose him/her?

If one person is successful in conclusion, means he/she knows what to do and what to avoid to earn working on net.
Also, her/his interest is to share it with you-because more money you earn, consequently-the percentage that your sponsor earn‘s is bigger.
If you’ll have good sponsor will never promise you something non real. Because, if you’ll become disappointed, you’ll get sick very fast and give up.
Instead he/she will tell you the truth, give you instructions what to do or aware you about things to avoid.
Otherwise, if you don’t have a good sponsor or he/she is unknown you won’t have anybody to ask questions.
Most of all people usually don’t want to waste time explaining things to other’s people referrals.

So, in conclusion: good sponsor is precious especially for beginners as teacher and assistant.

Marta jobs beginners net earn

What is referral link and banner code?

After registration, log into the site, somewhere you can find something like “promotion” or “affiliates” or “member/marketing tools”, “banners”.
Usually it contain http//:site’s name/ref/your nickname and let you publish this.
As a result, when somebody join a site through your referral link you’ll become her/his sponsor. In conclusion-earning percentage, too.

Sometimes, when you post your ad in some site it ask to put “banner code” or “banner Url” and “targeting url”.

What this mean?

You can find this on the same page (promotion/ marketing material/ banners).
For instance:

Targeting Url : username

Banner url:

How to create Ad campaign on FB read here?

Marta jobs beginners net earn

What type of sites you can find to earn?

Traffic exchangers – those are sites as easyhits4u, Trafficcircleshare which offer you to earn credits by surfing other people’s sites and to spend credits so that people would surf your sites. These sites are usually visited and so many people can see your ads.

 PTC sites – as clicksense, pay you to see other people’s ads. You can earn more money by visiting forums, clicking grids etc.

Hybrid sites (example how it work)- as paidverts, Adstimer.
Both are similar, offer you opportunity to earn by clicking on ads and collect bonus points.
When you collect sufficient number of points you’ll go to the higher group and you’ll get higher value ads.

Marta jobs beginners net earn

Revenue share – are sites which share their total revenue with register members.
MxRevshare or MyPayingAds are best in this moment.
On these sites you buy shares (ad packages).
You’ll get credits for advertising and this qualify you to get part of total site‘s earning.
Some amount of money every day with earnings in total 120-150%.
They usually have condition to surf (view other people ads) few (6,7,10) sites/day to be qualified get revenue.

If you would like to start some internet jobs I  recommend you to start with some confident sites as following .

Marta jobs beginners net earn

Something about investment..

What is “scam”?
When one site stop to pay it’s members-we say that is “scam”

If question is “is it possible to earn in internet without spending money“-the answer is YES


If you ask yourself is it 100% safe that you’ll get back your investment -the answer is NO

 So, what to do?

So, seems like “gold rule” is to invest just so much how much you’re ready to loose.

BEFORE paying anything anywhere in internet, let you talk to other people, ask your sponsor‘s opinion, check up forums, groups etc and AFTER that pay.

Somebody, more experienced than you can recognize faster is site good or scam, and even say what could be expected in future.


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