On this page you may find information about page AdClickXpress or popular “ACX” it’s combination of few different types of program, how to do that, how to advertise, how to share funny media and, earn money


This amazing site really deserve own page in this site.

Opportunities to earn with AdClickXpress are really big.

NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!! START FROM 22/05/2017:

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

You can watch other people sites, put your own ads, see funny media, get referral commission, buy panels..

At the beginning you’ll find it little bit confuse, but after two or three times you understand all. They have amazing support in many languages-so it’s not necessary to know English.

At the beginning you’ll get welcome bonus-one media(every pack give you daily $0,3/0.15 weekend day) and one ad pack($0.6/0.3-daily).

As much money you’ll invest in AdClickXpress-much more you’ll earn- it’s really great business opportunity!

Following screenshot is my first payment (got it after just few hours!)

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

If you don’t understand what you need to do here, you can follow the pictures, step-by-step:


AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

Please check up on following  picture name of sponsor Marta Marta!

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click


AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click


Here one click on “$get paid now$


AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click


In a new window it’ll be open this page, scroll down and click on one of three offers, after that it’ll be open new window with sites/funn media.. when you finish, go back here and click on blue button get paid now and you’ll get your commission ($0.35 for every active media package you have-2packs=$0.70, 10packs=$3).


AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click


When you’ll finish with media system go up and click on “switch” button-so you’ll change the system and will going to ad system

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

Then you’ll repeat the procedure-with just one different thing-you’ll see these tri options:

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

Aftere finishing, you’ll get $0.65 for every active AD pack.

When and how withdraw money or buy new package on AdClickXpress?

On each and other dashboards (in media system and in ad system) on the left side you’ll see  “media/ad packs” and “my wallet”:

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

Depending of do you wish to buy new pack or withdraw money-click one of these two buttons. I

In both case case you have to go on payment processors-first of all to adjust it (you can choose different processors -example:  STP for ad system, PM for media)-once you do it-you’ll get confirmation e-mail and it remain since you’change it.

Once you’ll have in your media wallet more then $5 and more then $10 on ad wallet click on “withdraw” button and take your money (it needs from few hours to few days-depending of processors etc).

When you’ll receive your money, go to “add fund” button-add $5 or $10 (to buy media or ad pack) and follow instructions.


AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

If you would like to check up how many active packages you have got-go on dashboard and click on media/ad packs and you’ll see following:

AdClickXpress Marta jobs-click

Scroll down and you’ll see all history.

So,  work smarter not harder and REGISTER for free or just enjoy by see

                             fun media

Hope this was helpful. If you have any questions about AdClickXpress-please join my FB Marta Jobnetoffer and send the message! Thank you

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