YoBit-why to choose it?

YoBit Trading Marta jobs

While we’re talking about trading (if you’re beginner read more here),

one of “must have” for every trader is presence in YoBit.

Open account for free here:
YoBit Trading Marta jobs

YoBit is one of the best platform for Trading, with excellent choice of cryptocurrencies.

I have to underline one very important thing-and. it’s opportunity to add/deposit money WITHOUT fee, from: Payeer, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Capitalist. (More about Payment processors generally or more detail about AdvCash, Perfect Money )

It looks like this: click on “Wallets” than “+” under “Deposit”
YoBit Trading Marta jobs
So, as you may see, you can add USD very simply on YoBit and start to Trade.
So many people usually buy BTC or Ether or that “famous” currencies-and it’s not bed choice. It’s always good idea to have some money invested in these coins, because their trend is to go up. Sometimes BTC drop down, but usually it doesn’t last long.

But, sometimes is better choice if you buy some new, practically unknown currencies- because of their cost.

Often you can buy some coins by price of 1 or 2 satoshi and after few days-or even JUST ONE, you may sell it by 3-4-5.

Cencretelly I invested yesterday few bucks (about $5) in PND. 1337, YES, and sold it today for c-ca $30.
So my personal advice for all newbies in Trading is to not buy just already recognized coins.
And always try to compare paltforms-because same coin could be very different price in two platforms.
For example C-Cex, Yobit, Coinexchange.io (click on following image to create account for free-if you haven’t)
YoBit Trading Marta jobs

YoBit Trading Marta jobs

My conclusion is: in this moment Trading is only way to make decent amount of money on net.
All previous very good things as revenue share, hyip, hybrid become just additional earning.
One year ago or two it was al contrary.
And, generally, “earning on the net” is question of presence “right time in right place” and personal flexibility.