What is Recyclix

and why am I writing about one program which is not new?
Because, working online I concluded that this amazing opportunity is not recognized as it’s value.
And not too much known in “net earning community”.
Between so many scams this program, Recyclix is one of the most stable (other stable&safe you can see here).

Recyclix is a legal company for plastic recycle.

And they offer opportunity to buy some waste and earn after grind and after finish cycle.

First of all you have to register and you can do that bu clicking on banner:

Recyclix stable business Marta jobs

(code for sign up (Master account Id : 3290-C669-7C7B )

after that click on “sign up” and fulfill data:

Confirm registration link from your e-mail and that’s it. You’ll get sign up bonus of EUR 20. But, it’s necessary to buy waste value at least EUR 20 in next 60 days!! Otherwise your account will be deleted and you’ll loose all money earned in the meantime.

How to buy waste?
In right upper corner near your username click on menu and choose “funding”. After that choose one of following options and add amount.
If you fund in Bitcoins, the most probably you have to wait few hour. It need some times before money will be visible on your account. In dollar or EUR it’s instant.

Recyclix Marta jobs

After that buy waste…and wait.

and click on “buy” button under “waste”.
After that you have to wait 3 weeks, when you’ll get e-mail about finish first phase of cycle. And you’ll have two options: to restart it or to sell ground waste. (I recommend second one!) In this case you’ll get 8% in first and 14% profit in second phase. And-more, new quantity to recycle!

So this is program excellent for employed mom, students or similar people category-without too much time.  Because you can create decent income without waste time. And, with spending practically symbolic amount. Similar program I can recommend is Merchantshares

Minimum payout is same as minimum fund, it’s EUR 20. You can earn on same way you funding. And payout is almost instant.