Excellent hybrid-Adstimer

This is a post about excellent hybrid siteAdstimer. It gives us nice opportunity to earn money from: referral commision, ad campaign. You may read about BAP groups, earning of every group. Between many scam  sites this is nice surprise. If you loved Paidverts you’ll love Adstimer more!

This excellent site, Adstimer, even exist few months, is stable and paying since.  If you loved Paidverts I’m sure this site is best solution for you. Concept of site is practically same-when you’ll create bulk ad campaign (cost $1)-you’ll get 3160 BAP (Bonus ad Points).
More BAP you have you’ll go in higher group and you’ll increase your earning:
Minimum BAP necessary that you’ll have for get paid ads-is 1600.

Adstimer-groups Marta jobs
Every paid ads you’ll get, they will take out BAP from your account. One BAP value is $0.003.
For example: if you’ll get ads value $0.5, you’ll have cc-a 1100 BAP less in your account.

So if you buy bulk ad campaign cost $1 you’ll get ads value in total $1.58! By my opinion this is nice earning!

From moment you’ll start to get paid ads you’ll get every day 20 ads with 20 FREE BAP and 20 ads in total value for your group.
For example, if you are in group which get ads value totally  $0.53, you ‘ll get 10x$0,035 and 10×0.0019
Minimum of add funds is $1 (no fee on deposit) minimum cashout is $5 (processor fee is 3%).
Current promotion is bonus of 15%. Means if you add funds with amount of at least $ 30 you’ll have $34.5 on your account!
Referral commission is 12 % of every their purchase and 5% of every paid ad they’ll get.
At the moment site doesn’t offer opportunity to buy recycled ads or upgrade.

Opportunity to earn money is very good, so don’t miss this!

It’s not difficult to work, you won’t loose much time.
I like this because I can see time of generate ads, too!

Adstimer-earning-of-group Marta jobs
They generate paid ads between 18:00 and 19:00 h (server time) and  19:00- 20:00 h for BAP ads.

For now site is stable. I’m going to add this site soon on my list of safe and stable.