Safety working/earning on net

While we’re talking about “working, earning on net“, we have care, first of all, about “safe mode”,safety on net, e-mail, sites, payment processors, passwords, social media. Very important for beginners to know BEFORE they’ll start to earn on net. In today post you may read how to use smart phone on safety mode, too!

While we say “safety” on net we have to cover different themes.
This is very important question for all internet users, even if you’re not beginner.
First of all, I’ll try to explain how to choose password?
Experts recommend as pretty safe way, pay attention on following things. DO NOT ever put as password something like “123456”, “abcabc”, your birthday, your children’s name, best friends.. Especially now, in era of social media. Good, safe password must contain at least 14 characters-mixture of letters (capital and small), numbers, some special characters. The best password is if you won’t create word but just letters without sense. Example: MnJkl159hF%@q#.
It’s more safe if you create different passwords for few e-mail addresses, sites where you’ll register.

Experts high recommend to change it from time to time.

If required phone number for account verification, I recommend to leave some prepaid number instead of common number which we’re using usually.
Next important thing about safety-if you use “smart phone“. It’s better if you register account from PC and later just you’ll login from phone than vice versa.
Don’t choose option “remember password” by Google! I know that is more comfortable but you’ll be more “vulnerable”.


The next important thing if you’re freelancer-“working and earning through net person”-question of PAYMENT.

For get paid you have to open account on different Payment processors.
Recommendation is that you’ll create separate e-mail which you’ll use JUST for Payment processors. Previous mentioned rules about safe password or verification by phone number are same.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT store passwords in your PC/phone! Instead save it separately-write it on paper and let you store on safe place.
But, specific safety rule is to be careful with so called “phishing page”.
From time to time success that we get by e-mail some “request” to fulfill some formular. Or to type your name, username and password. Usually it contain some “explanation”. As: “If you don’t fulfill immediately your account will be closed/deleted forever.. you’ll loose all your money“. Maybe you will get SMS on your phone asking do same thing.



Because Google, Yahoo, social media, especially Payment processors NEVER ask from their customers to send ANY data through e-mail or phone! Instead, let you close this “request” immediately! Best thing: let you close/ restart your PC/phone). Later, log into your account, send support ticket to ask. Sometimes phishing pages are so good that we can’t see any difference between original/false page.
Page can have one different letter: instead PM it’s “PerfectSmoney”. Or, when we look better in browser, we’ll find in “original page” is http//, in false page we’ll see httpS//

So, check up very carefully before you log into your accounts!

If you’re beginner and need more information about working/earn on net you may visit  page created for beginners.

Except safety in this post, let you read about two “high recommended” sites as “net earning” opportunity .

First, existing c-ca two months, with similar concept as it was Trafficmonsoon with Ad pack cost $30 (ROI on daily basis c-ca 1.5-2%, 110% total). From yesterday Admins added Ad packs of $5, $15, $50.
Minimum payout is low, just $2! From cash links we can earn $0.1 as free member, and 50% from Referral’s click.. So I’ll add this site to on my list of safe and stable!
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Trafficcircleshare safety Marta jobs

Al contrary, second one, is new, with interesting name. 🙂 Since in prelaunch phase (site officially will start after seven days). Admin is Emmalex Wallcott. Admin is known as honest> In past he was owner of some nice sites-opportunity to earn some money online. Almost all participants earned some money if they were “early birds”. Because of site‘s high % of daily earning. But, we can’t expect here long term business.
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So if you would like to try this, hurry up!

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