Revshare program beginning of August news

There are so many opportunity how your money can work for you instead you have to work for money! Even we can’t talk about ” investment ” while we’re talking about new revshare or PTC sites but for matrix/ cycler sites yes. However, it’s important to earn something beginning of month of August for holiday season.. In today’s post you’ll find all hot information about what kind of benefit their Admins offers their members. During the current month of August. Something about cost of position/share/matrix/ad packs. Level of referral commission ad credits, repurchase rule, minimum/maximum withdrawal, sustainability, payment processors .. In any case, don’t miss to participate

First of all as, usual, something new-we’re talking about an real revshare site because revshare site is not an investment opportunity, instead it’s a way to “get some peace of cake” because Admin share his total revenue with all of us-members of site. Practically one good revshare site could be “perpetuum mobile” because sustainability is provided by income from advertising, sell of different service or Admin‘s own investment in stock or other things out and independent of site.
So, one experienced Admin as Drew Burton, created one new, real revshare site with different earning opportunity and “referral commission” even you haven’t got referrals! So, it’s not surprise that even two weeks before official start it’s already almost ten thousand members!

Accepted Processors are: STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoins are added too.. (read more about Bitcoins)

On following image you may see “good reasons to participate” this amazing program-as a member or advertiser:

My24income revshare join Marta jobs
and on this image you may find ad packs and what Admin offer for the reasonable price of $5, $15 or $35:

My24income revshare ad packs Marta jobs

Click on following banner to join this site for free:

Why is it important that it start one program like this?
Because, behind us is really turbulent week! It’s about of best advertising, revshare, trafficexchanger site-Trafficmonsoon .
It was so good that I dedicated one whole page of this my own site.
Last week, famous TrafficMonsoon is accused at it’s ponzi.. It’s a real disaster for all people which need really high quality of advertising!
I could tell it because I have live feedjit. So, I could check up any time how many visitors come from TM. But, because of beginners I was forced to remove this amazing program from my list of safe and stable sites.
Hope, from the bottom of my heart that I’ll put it back as soon as possible!

And because of that it’s very important that Admin of another amazing stable revshare site GRMClix, Maria Nadal, is making every month one monthly report!
Exactly about what kind of earning this Lady share with all of us! More about this site you may read here.
As today it’s 200 days online, Admin decided to give $15 reward (instead of $10 as before) for pubblicity on MMG.  More about this amazing way to earn here

So be smart and don’t loose this opportunity to join GRMClix for free

GrmClix revshare Marta jobs

And for all people like cyclers it’s one new:

With accepted Processors are: STP, PM, Payza, Payeer

and plans you may see here:

Jolly5 plans Marta jobs