Hot information about important sites in July

There are so many opportunity to earn some money with an investment in new revshare, PTC, matrix sites or just with your knowledge, the end of month of July. In today’s post you’ll find all hot information about what kind of benefit their Admins offers to the members during the month of July. Something about cost of position/share/matrix/packs, Level of referral commission ad credits, repurchase rule, minimum/maximum withdrawal, sustainability, payment processors .. Don’t miss to participate, take all benefits and earn some extra “pocketmoney” for your holiday!

Even there is a holiday season it seems that Admins of almost all significant sites would like to offer some benefits and bonuses to their members!
There are so busy traffic these few days in July in our “PTC sky”and so many information that I’m not sure that I won’t forget something..
I’ll start with my favorite types of sites-revshare

Rev share-sites Marta jobs
As usual, first of all something new: one of ex Admin of GrmClix created new revshare site name MyTrafficBux and it will start 22nd of July. Already there are more than 3500 members (if you wish to become one of them-just click on banner bellow)
MyTrafficBux Marta jobs

there are ad packs (cost from $3 to $50), no membership required, expecting 6-8% daily earning:

MyTrafficBux ad packs Marta jobs

And accepted Processors are accepted- STP, PM, Payeer, Bitcoin
Referral commission is 12% in 5 Level


It’s not surprise anymore if Admin of Grmclix, Maria Nadal, offers something new:

Grmclix Marta jobs
there are new fast ad packs cost $2, daily earning 6%, with 60% repurchase rule, it have to give an opportunity to beginners (because no membership required!) to make their “long term portfolio” or even to old members to “accelerate” their earnings. This type of ad packs is possible to buy from earning or cash balance!

Grmclix click to join for free Marta jobs

The next theme is good old:
PAIDVERTS Marta jobs-click
Admin, Mark De Koning make some changes-it’ll start from tomorrow, 21st of July-it’ll be BAP reset, than he’ll reduce bulk ad purchase (we’ll give 2100 BAP (or earning in total 120%) instead of previous 3100 (earning of 155%) and promise some bonuses. Important information is that anybody who’ll buy at least once in 14 days new ad pack won’t pay daily “tax” of 100 BAPs as before.
So this site will be in game again! It make me happy, because I didn’t remove it from my list of safe and stable sites and because it was one of the best sites for advertising and earning too.
And, I’m grateful to Admin Mark (I believe so many people from “earning on the net community”) because he changed “captcha”. 🙂

click to join for free

Another revshare which Admin make the members happy is:
MyAdStory Marta jobs
Every member who’ll buy ad packs for at least $50 in BTC will give 10% bonus!! Except this, few days ago, we got new site from the same Admin– MyFiveAds (scroll down at the end of text and you may find all details)

click to join for free
The next one stable paying site which Admin decide to offer some new earning opportunity exactly these days is:
MyTrendingAds Marta jobs
22nd of July Admin offers new matrix/cycler position cost just $2 (total earning $40) so if you’ll decide to play be fast!

MTA new matrix position Marta jobs

Another matrix started in month of May:
PassiveWealthBosster Marta jobs
their offer is new feeder cost $5

PassiveWealthBooster new feeder Marta jobs

PTC-sites Marta jobs

Except recommended PTC sites mentioned in my previous posts, I discover one nice Russian site name Rewbux, minimum payout is 1 Ruble (and it’s instant on Payeer, but you may earn more than 2-3 Rubles a day.

If you don’t speak Russian language it’s screen shot you may see what to do to earn money-just look PTC ads and banners. On images bellow it’s dashboard

Rewbux dashboard Marta jobs

and what you’ll have to click and wait for 10sec and insert captcha

Rewbux click to earn Marta jobs


Earn-with-knowledge Marta jobs

As I already mentioned at the beginning of this post, new site from the same Admin of MyAdStory -(similar as a Fiverr)-with a symbolic name MyFivePay offers an opportunity to earn with your knowledge-practically whatever you know/need and can be done online-you may offer or ask here! Usual cost for service/product is $5, but it’s not strict rule. It’s so positive thing in our “PTC sky” because this is the opportunity for all moneyless, young, unemployed people and other categories which would like to work and earn but have no money to start.
Except this, you’ll get $1 for every new referral! Don’t loose your dollar-click on image under the text and become member! 🙂

Myfivepays Marta jobs

Online exchange office-how to send money from one payment processor to other?

In this post you’ll find important information about “exchangers”-“mediators” between different payment processors. Important opportunity which provide you to transfer money from one processor to another.

exchange rs REALLY helps and makes earning on the net much easier.

Helps us to avoid a risk when we try to

exchange money with other member of “Earn on the net community”.

It’s fast, too … In this post I’ll talk about benefits transaction on Magneticexchange and Changex

Money-exchange rs Marta jobs

Magnetic excellent Exchange r Marta jobs

The first one, Magneticexchange is an exchanger which provide you to exchange money from almost all payment processors.

Usually it’s instant. Just you have to check up how much money is disposable at the moment at some processor. If you, for instance would, like to send from PERFECT MONEY (read more about PerfectMoney). Wish to take on ADVCASH (read more about ADVCash here).  And, at the moment on this payment processor there is no money how much you need. You’ll have to wait for a while..

Usually it’s simple process, but your payment processors need to be verified for these transaction.

Fees are reasonable-2-5% except with Payza !!!
I have no idea why things are going like this-but with Payza USD account it could be even 20%!!!
While we’re talking about Payza EUR (open account for free Payza) !!! -it’s “normal” (mean usual 3-5%)-read more about Payza click here


Payza usd magnetic exchange fee Marta jobs
So, be careful and check up good before you exchange money. In case like this, I’ll recommend to ask some friends or collaborators to exchange money with them directly. There are even some FB groups where you may find honest people to exchange money with them.. Usually if admin of group is conscientious he/she make the “white” and the “black” list. Asking group’s members to nominate people by whom had positive/negative experience.

If your account is verified you have possibility to exchange bigger amount of money and you’ll get discount.
So, make your account for free on this very good and useful thing by clicking

Click here to join Magnetic exchange free Marta jobs

The second one is Changex, an excellent exchanger, too. Which support almost all payment processors with reasonable fee. From time to time they make special offer-discount or even bonus on transfer money to some payment processor.

Open your account for free by clicking on the next logo :

Changex exchange Marta jobs
At this moment they offer bonus for Payza-1.5% . So, if you, for instance, will send $100 from PM to Payza you’ll get $101.5

On following image you may see usual fee. So we can make conclusion that is really reasonable and exchange is instant.

Changex exchange fee Marta jobs

So I really, warmly recommend this exchanger. Except if you’re USA citizen-in that case you can not use this. Because of some restriction determined by rule of company-as you may see here..

Changex exchange USA citizens Marta jobs

But if you’re from other part of world don’t miss the opportunity to use this. It’s very useful for “earn on the net people”- tool. Any time when it’s some special offer or discounts for exchange, transfer from/to some payment processor, you’ll be informed by e-mail.
As usual, if you’re verified member, you can get some discounts and other benefits. Procedure of verification is common-upload an document (as national ID, passport or driving licence).

CLICK HERE Changex exchange account free Marta jobsOne important information is that using this exchanger we can transfer money from PayPal and Payza on ADVCASH.

At the end, something between-either payment processor as well as money exchanger.

The next payment processor promising to avoid problems with exchangers and easily money transfer is CRATEPAY

Cratepay exchange Marta jobs

By this payment processor you may withdraw from PERFECT MONEY, OK Pay,  BITCOINS and Bank Wire. But, deposit you may from exchangers and soon it’ll be possible from Credit Card

Click open Cratepay exchange free Marta jobs

FusionRev-new “good looking” rev-share

I won’t miss this opportunity to earn some money with an investment in new revshare sites, beginning of month of July. Something about cost of position/share, Level of referral commission ad credits, repurchase rule, minimum/maximum withdrawal, sustainability, payment processors .. Don’t miss to participate!

Why did I say at the beginning of this text that I won’t miss this revshare and why am I thinking that this is good opportunity?
It seems that this site use similar system as URS and TSG, two revshares sites where all people which participated-earned nice amount of money (considering investment).
Other my argument is cheap price of shares-$2, $5, $10, $20-because by my experience as cheaper as are shares, more people participate and earning is faster and site could exist longer than with a higher cost of shares..

Fusionrev ad packs Marta jobs

The second my argument “pro” is not too much high referral commission:
For Referral‘s Purchases from Cash Balance:-
Level-1 : 7%
Level-2 : 3%
Level-3 : 1%
For Referral‘s Purchases from Repurchase Balance:-
Level-1 : 3%
Level-2 : 1%
Level-3 : 1%

The next thing which could provide longer site‘s sustainability is limited earning (max x3 of investment excluding referral commission as well as repurchase rule (higher earning give higher percent of repurchase).
Every share provide nice number of ad credits-the cheapest share give 50 banner’s ad credits 20 text ad credits and 30 website ad credits and as every new site it’s good for advertising


Payment  Processors are accepted- STP, PM, Payza, Bitcoin
Minimum withdrawal is $10, maximum $150 per day, withdrawal is manual, from Monday to Friday and withdrawal fee is 1% for all processors.