Current good PTC sites & new matrix/cycler

Don’t miss opportunity to earn some money with a small investment with new matrix/cycler as well as PTC (paid to click) sites start the next week of month of June as well as their admins and conditions of Payment/position/deposit/withdraw, Level of referral commission  something about PTC ad new and old, as well as some good project not to miss

Matrix-cycler-sites Marta jobs

New matrix /cycler site Passivewealthbooster will start Saturday 4th of June. ”
I’m not too much involved in matrix or cycler sites, usually, but this time there are good reasons to be part of that:
-considering that it remains few days till official launch day, but there are more than 1000 members
-one position cost $10 and in the end of cycle bring $220
-on registration you’ll get 100 websites credits and 50+50 banner and text ad credits
referral commission is 10% on each position that our direct referrals buy plus $9 for each position cycled by Levelreferral, $7 from Level 2 referral, $4 from each cycled position of third Level referral plus bonus for top referrers.
-owner/admins are known ( Alex Robinson, Daniel Edwin, Bridget Fabian)
-Minimum deposite is $5, minimum withdraw $10 (max.$500)
-no need too much investment (one-time-pay-membership $5 to be qualified to buy position) —
Position Level 1 cost $10 (comes with 500 ad credits)
position Level 2 cost $20 (and comes with 2000 ad credits)
-To buy position Level 2 condition is to have JUST ONE position Level 1!

                                                  JOIN FOR FREE BY CLICKING ON BANNER 

Matrix cycler site Marta jobs
Processors accepted- STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin (take into consideration that with Payza and Payeer there is a possibility for dispute, it looks serious)

Anyway, if you decide to participate-LET YOU BE BETWEEN FIRST BUYERS.. Mean that is necessary to add fund now, pay upgrade and waiting Saturday (opening buy position)

Ptc-sites Marta jobs

While we’re talking about PTC sites-for all people who are ready to earn small amounts but without investment you may try this new one (even they offer possibility to buy upgrade and earn more). If you’re beginner this is good to see what is REAL earning you may expect from PTC site.
Three Level of referral commission (7%, 3%, 1%)
Minimum withdraw is $0.02
By sign up you’ll get bonus $130 on demo account-just to see how it works before you decide to invest.
New PTC site Marta jobs


Processors accepted-  PM,  Payeer, ADVCashBitcoin

Following site, INNOCURRENT  is not new, but it’s very good and the most similar to Ayuwage.
The first time I saw it, I was convinced that it’s Ayuwage “sister site“, because it’s completely the same system of working. (JOIN AYUWAGE FOR FREE HERE OR READ MORE)

PTC site Innocurrent Marta jobs
These two sites are very different from other PTC because they pay through Paypal, Payza, Amazon gift card..
It look like this:

Innocurent dashboard Marta jobs

-IF YOU’RE DOING ONE CATEGORY AND THERE IS NO MORE ADS JUST GO IN ANOTHER CATEGORY AFTER THAT IT COME NEW IN PREVIOUS(for instance if you are in “explore” and there are no more ads/sites to explore just go in “regular” if there is no more even there , go in “view” section and do ads from 1 point or 3 points) AFTER THAT come back and check up regular or explore..

One more important thing-minimum withdrawal is $5, but if you wait to collect $10, you’ll get 300 points as a bonus when you’ll get your payment!!

                                      JOIN FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE

Don’t forget that yesterday and today is launch day and “investment time” for these two sites which look “promising”

Exciting and unpredictable PTC revshare week is ahead of us!

Don’t miss opportunity to earn some money with a small investment with MTA (MyTrandingAds) and new revshare sites start the next week of this month (OurTrafficPays, Hourlyadsrevenue ) as well as get information about how to open account,  admins and conditions of Payment/payout, referral commission  (OurTrafficPays) something about old sites (URS and GRMClixPTC and Bitcoins news

Ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

As I mentioned in one of previous posts, this site will start officially 31st of this month, but yesterday it opened add fund, so it’s possible to buy shares except just earn money from PTC (it’s about $0.1 on daily basis)
The most important thing these next few days is to look for referrals (take into consideration that referral commission is really high, in totally 21% in 10 levels!)  .
I have to repeat, that admin, David Jackson, is amazing and very efficient.
I tried to bought share from referral commission and PTC earning and money was taken from account but share is not added-he solved it in less than 1 hour…

                                                          So click on banner to participate for free!

OurtrafficPays Marta jobs

Payment Processors are accepted- STP, Payza  More details (about shares and traffic exchange cost, payout etc read here)

                                             JOIN HERE FOR FREE 



The second site will start the last week of this Month too, (30.05.2016) is Hourlyadsrevenue, admin is Arnold Foley, there is official FB group, on following image you may see what site offer, cost of shares, referral commission:

Hourlyadsrevenue Marta jobs


Payment processors accepted are: STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin, and there are PTC ads too (today was 1 x $0.01, 1 x $0.002 nad 1 x $0.001)
In any case if it’s Payza one of processors, it seems to be serious.

By clicking on banner bellow, open account for free and try to refer other people and earn referral comission of 10%. Minimum deposit/payout is $5.

Hourlyadsrevenue Marta jobs



MTA Marta jobs

MTA is a combination of PTC/revshare/matrix site, from correct admin. From tomorrow, 25th of May except these three type of shares or matrix position on image bellow, it’ll be possible to

buy new $2 pack with ROI of 125%, 50% Rep.Rule and daily earning of high 5%!!
So it’s nice chance to earn some money fast without too much investment!!..

MTA ad packs Marta jobs

2dollar pack MTA Marta jobs 

referral commission is 12%, from  PTC views it’s possible to earn some money too).

Site by my opinion passed “critical point” and could be alive for a long time so don’t miss the chance to make your long term income-click on banner to participate for free! .

MTA Marta jobs

The upcoming important news for tomorrow will be related to
Ultimaterevshare Marta jobs

Still excellent page (from the beginning  in month of February when I mentioned it for the first time in my post , and I can recommend this site since)- URS‘s  admin, Tom Taylor envisage   obligated monthly membership of $10 what will be required for purchases in Advanced packs and higher. It was envisaged to start from 1st of June, nut it will start from tomorrow.
This, by my opinion, will provide sustainability and program long life.
Anyway,  all of us earn with this site nice amount of money, admin was very correct paying in few hours and, so he deserve to be supported from all of us. Because of all mentioned I still think that it deserve to have own place on my my page safe, stable sites
If somebody is not already member-
share cost: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $40
Total ROI 110-135%
1 share($1) earning/h-$0.1
Repurchase  50/50%
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $10
No SURF obligated.
Processors are accepted- STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin


Grmclix Marta jobs

In the same post when I mentioned for the first time  URS, I reccomended GRMClix too. Now it’s four months old and even better than on the beginning,

Grmclix Marta jobs-click

GRMCLIX, succesfull site from admin Maria Nadal,  (earn $0.05/share/day) is stable, paying, seems to be “longlife- site” with NO repurchase rule.
Ad packages (share) cost $2, $5, $10, $25.
Today midnight expire special offer-Fast track pack (cost $25, with 50% Repurchase Rule. Up to 120% Revenue Sharing, Daily Cap 10% , Matures in 12 days).
But still there are so many ways to earn-12% of referral commission, and offer connected to MMG(MoneyMaker group, rewards for top referrers, etc) from cash links value $0.004 each (25 permitted daily). If you post your payment proof, you’ll get credit 20 coins/post.


For withdraw and buy higher ROI shares it’s require to upgrade monthly membership is $4 and surf 7 ads daily.There are cash links from $0.004 (25 permitted daily)-so you may earn even without investment. If you post your payment proof, you’ll get credit 20 coins/post. 

There are support in different languages (English, Spain French, Hindu)

Payment processorsSTP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin , Ethereum Coin, Litecoin


Other news Marta jobs

While we’re talking about new revshare sites-Hash rev share seems to become scam (even it’s less than one month old). I was lucky because I invested through Payza (so it’s possibility to write a dispute details how to do that you my find in my post about this processor)
As well as to pay attention a little bit more on bitcoin based sites some nice experience with a site mentionedBIT-HASH, payment is instant (and minimum investment is really small- 100 000 satoshi) just wish to illustrate how fast is a payment

BITHASH pay out Marta jobs

so, if you didn’t participate-it’s not late now-just click here to open account for free

So conclusion is: even I’m trying not to miss some thing new and potentially good, and to be up to date, that I’ll continue to build my “long term portfolio” on safe and long time existing sites making one stable and continuous monthly income. 

Review of current sites this weekend

Don’t miss opportunity to earn some money with a small investment with MTA(MyTrandingAds) and new revshare site started the last week of this month as well as their admins and conditions of Payment/payout, referral commission  (OurTrafficPays) something about PTC news, Bitcoins as well as some good project but I’m going to miss

Ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

As I mentioned in one of previous posts, this site will start officially 31st of this month, but in prelaunch phase you may earn money from PTC (it’s about $0.1 on daily basis) and looking for referrals. If you collect enough money on this way to buy share you may do it too, but shares bought now are not earning.
While we’re talking about this site, even nobody can guarantee that will be successful or long term or something, but the thing I CAN SAY is, that admin, David Jackson, is amazing and very efficient.
I tried to bought share (from referral commission and PTC earning because add fund isn’t open yet) and I did it, but after that, money was taken from account but share is not added.
I post it in official FB group asking what to do.
OurtrafficPays Marta jobs

So, what to do in prelaunch phase? Earn from PTC and if you collect enough buy share from earning or commission balance.
Ad packages you may see bellow

Ourtraffic ad pack Marta jobs

Important thing is that referral commission is really high (in totally 21%) in 10 levels.
Payment Processors are accepted- STP, Payza

Except this, they offer advertising Traffic exchange in a reasonable price

TE price ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

Now, VERY IMPORTANT THING! Don’t miss an opportunity to participate good revshare program with small investment in prelaunch phase!

                                             JOIN HERE FOR FREE 

MTA Marta jobs

MTA is a combination of PTC/revshare/matrix site started few days ago, admin shared 4000 ads value of $1 each- for first members. Some of us success to take this benefit and buy some shares or matrix position (as I did from referral commission and PTC views, earn some money and buy the cheapest share which cost$1, ROI 110%).

On following image you may see cost and type of all ad packages offered by MTA:

MTA ad packs Marta jobs
But important thing is that admin offer something new starting from 25th of May.

New ad pack MTA Marta jobs

so we may earn on different ways and as from share so even from our own PTC links!

MTA click Marta jobs

Site by my opinion passed “critical point” and could be alive for a long time.

MTA Marta jobs
It’s too good chance to miss it!   Click on banner to join for free!

Other news Marta jobs

There are two new revshare sites people talking about and recommend and
But this time I’ll miss that because of share cost ($10 per share is too much money to pay for me per one share and need to long time to collect enough money to buy new one share). And, more important reason is, that I prefer to continue to build my “long term portfolio” on safe and long time existing sites and to invest in these two excellent sites (more time pass, more that become better)-because I would like to make one stable and continuous monthly income.
As well as to pay attention a little bit more on bitcoin based sites.

Payza-all about

Payza Marta jobs

In this post you may get information about Payza as one of the most used and popular payment processors. About benefits, bad sides, as well as how to open account (verified and non verified). How to add Credit Card, what is dispute and how to do it? How to use your earned money, (Bitcoin included) on Payza

Why create an account on Payza?

First of all because it’s one of the most used processors. So many shopping site accept it and the most part of “earn money on the net” type sites.
The second good reason (but very important) is security. Protection of our personal data and our identity or Credit Cards.
When you have to send or receive money, to pay something etc. You are obligated to leave  JUST YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS to customer/seller/employer-and NOT your name. Not Credit Card number or similar data.

Why Payza is high recommended processor if you’re freelancer or “moneymaker” earning on the net?

Because Payza have no so strictly rules as well as PayPal for instance. But it is safe and have strong customer protection policy.

As I write already, PayPal changed their rules and Frozen account of so many advertising companies. And, they practically ruined or at least make big difficulties in business.
But with Payza, you have all benefits as with PayPal. Practically it’s fast way of payment, secure, and if you’re not satisfied by goods or services you may ask your money back.

Payza dispute Marta jobs

Except PayPal, Payza is unique payment processor which offer this opportunity. You have to write all data-details about seller what did you pay. Why you didn’t get it terms and expecting time to get service/good and send it. After review they’ll decide about your complain and you’ll get your money back.

Dispute Payza Marta jobs

You have to explain why you’re making dispute, and this is an example: .

I have invested in/bought from (seller’s name), and I have also spent money and efforts for advertising the company. But since they do not provide what we agreed upon, I would appreciate if you just refund me money. Thank you!

Dispute Payza Marta jobs

Payza Marta jobs

Open account Payza Marta jobs

OPEN ACCOUNT Payza Marta jobs

After you fulfill this register form, you’ll get e-mail to confirm it. And, your account is ready to use!  Because Payza you may use as nonverified user. But in this case you’ll have a limit of amount of money on daily/monthly basis.
If you decide to verify your account its easy too. Just log into your account, click on “verify” on the left side and attach necessary documents.
It’s more practically to scan and save in your PC your ID, driving licence or passport. And, some bill to confirm address. After that to just click brows and attach file.

Payza Marta jobs
After that you may connect your Payza account with your Credit Card. They accept VISA only (not Master Credit Card). For this you have to go on Add Credit Card and follow instruction-to write Credit Card numbers and scan it, as well as one bank statement (not older than 30 days).
After that you may send your money from your Payza account to your Credit Card and use it normally.

Interesting and very important information is that Payza accept Bitcoins too, so if you earned money in Bitcoins you may send it on your Bitcoin address and use it normally.
More about Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies click here

Payza Marta jobs

If you need more information about other payment processors click here

Important revshare-matrix news

This time don’t miss opportunity to earn without investment with MTA(MyTrandingAds) and new revshare site started the last week of this month as well as their admins and conditions of Payment/payout  (OurTrafficPays) something about Bitcoin and PTC news as well as about some old safe & stable-as MPA, URS

Ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

This site will start officially the last day of month May, but now you may view PTC (it’s about $0.1 on daily basis) and take referrals.

OurtrafficPays Marta jobs


What to do in prelaunch?

Ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

and ad packages you may see bellow

Ourtraffic ad pack

Now, VERY IMPORTANT THING! Don’t miss an opportunity to participate good revshare program without investment!

MTA Marta jobs

MTA is a combination of PTC/revshare/matrix site and its offer something unusual-$1 value ad!

So practically it means that you may go on PTV views, earn one dollar and buy the cheapest share (cost$1, ROI 110%) and earn next day from share not just from own clicks!
Site is not new-exist about 2,5 months, so means that it passed “critical point” and could be alive for a long time.
It’s too good chance to miss it!   Click on banner  (or here) to join for free!
MTA Marta jobs

MTA click Marta jobs

One Bitcoin PTC:


It’s a little bit unusual to find real paying PTC site (except Ayuwage in this moment I don’t know any other), and, except this, the following is the first PTC paying in Bitcoin.. Earning is not fast and not too much on daily basis (about 4000 satoshi if you haven’t got referrals), but it pays correctly. Minimum payout is 30000 satoshi for a free members.

Click forBTC Marta jobs
Don’t miss, JOIN for FREE by clicking on banner up the text or here

Bithash Marta jobs

As I recommended in one of previous posts site named BitHash , two days ago I made one “trial payout“-it’s instant and under the text is a payment proof. Minimum investment is really small-just 100 000 satoshi

Bithash payout Marta jobs

If you didn’t partecipate since now, do it for free by clicking here

Since, the fastest revshare site, remain URS
Ultimaterevshare-Marta jobs

as site with correct admin (Tom Taylor) and share earning $0.005/hour (if you have 50 shares its 0.25/h) share cost $1. Minimum payout $10 and it’s in few hour (under the text is one of my payment proofs). More details about site you ay find in this post  If you’re not in  join for free

URS payout Marta jobs

My Pay ing ads Marta jobs

Not much more slowly is legendary MyPayingAds (one share earning is $0.10/day) share cost is $5, and it’s good to make long term portfolio on this site with more than 140 000 members, because admin Uday Nara is one of the most famous and practically synonym of “trustful admin” and “safe site“. So, that means it’s “powerfull net business”. As well as excellent place for advertising. Of course, this site is on my list of stable, safe sites

                                                         JOIN HERE FOR FREE

GrmClix-revolutionary idea

What is so special in idea of admin of GRMCLIX page the benefits, create ad campaign and possibility to earn as well as what is necessary to do MMG(Money MakerGroup) to earn money by this promotion

Grmclix Marta jobs

From the moment I mentioned for the first time this page in my post, it become more and more successful. Now admin take this I can say “revolutionary idea

Because of so many questions of my referrals about this special promotion I decided to write this post with all necessary details.

First of all you have to read sign up to MMG. What is MMG, how to create your profile you may read in previous post
If you have not joined MMG, follow this link:
After registration, to participate in this MMG promotion as a GRMCLIX member, after registration you’re going to buy MMG Supporter 1 month subscription of $10.
Buying Subscription in MMG is easy-just pay it directly through your Paypal account.
If you haven’t, still you may pay it through STP or Bitcoin, but in that case let you contact the MMG Admin team (because it’s manually payment and it’s necessary to send them your UserId and number of transaction.
To pay subscription follow next link:…
What benefits you may have from this?
You have to see “bigger picture” and trying to make some safe, “long term business” not just “grab money today and runaway”.
So, if you buy MMG Supporter Subscription
you may, even you’re new member, to have a “signature” to your profile in MMG.
To do this, after you bought Subscription, let go to “My controls page”
and find, into the bottom of left half of your profile page, this:
Personal Profile => Edit Signature . Click on this:
Firts, click inside the Message Box, then just above the box, you
will find small icons as shown in the Picture attached, click on
Insert Image Icon, put this  GRMClix‘s 468×60 NEW, RED Banner URL (screenshot here)

Click on Insert Link Icon, just before the Image icon, than put your
GRMClix ref link in the Pop up Box and click OK.
After that, click on Update My Signature .
Post your view in GRMCLIX MMG thread and Submit just once!!!
Don’t click on Submit multiple times, your post will appear more
than once and it will be regarded as Spam
Once your post is there, the New Red coloured GRMCLIX Banner will be at the bottom of your post so you make check up.
Don’t Spam in MMG, you will be Banned.

What will you do in MMG ?
1. Post your point of view about GRMClix, your payment proofs, your
suggestions, your experience- the same things as you are doing in FB Group, simply-meaningful things in GRMCLIX official thread…
2. Except this, so many of us are part of various other programs. So, you may post your Payment proofs of other programs in their thread e.g. Suppose you are a member of URS, you are posting payments proofs in URS FB group, let do the same in MMG URS thread. (URS is maybe the fastest revshare in this moment, more details you can read here
3. Don’t make that mistake to post in various threads just to posting. MMG moderators are very strict. If they recognize you as a spamer, they will warn you and Ban.
4. Almost all meaningful program are listed in MMG. So you can
participate in any topics, ask questions and exchange experiences related to some program and know all important facts. Even avoid if become scam!!!
5. Every Month Before completion of your Subscription, Pay MMG
$10; it’s possible to renew subscription or you we may buy one year Sub too
(it cost only $50 for the whole year-so I high recommend this option because of saving much money-more than 50%!!).

If you do all these previous mentioned things what’s benefit will you get ?
1.MMG is one of the biggest and well known forum. It means really significant number of visitors on daily basis. If you’re active in different forum, posting in different threads, ask and reply, your signature is being displayed often. It is good chance that other people click on it and some of them will join GRMCLIX through your link, so, you’ll save the time in advertising too.
2. As GRMCLIX offer multi-level referral commision, you will be benefited from their work too. It really helps you in the next period, take into consideration that GRMCLIX has a tendention to be a “long term” program
3. In the end of every month, starting from 1st June, GRMCLIX admins will add Ad packs worth $10 to every participant who have minimum 40 posts.
Because of all this mentioned, by my opinion, this it can not be understood as a “cost” but more as an “investment” what will be back after 30 days.
4. Another amazing thing is: from 1st June GRMCLIX admins will promote 4 members’ ref link in MMG every month in 468X60 Banner
Practically, that means your banner will be visible under last post on every page (Ad is in a Rotation) on weekly basis.
By my opinion it’s amazing thing because it normally cost $109 per week. It’s not small amount..
5. After that, top 3 active users will get $10 cash. Withdrawable!
7 active users will get $5 cash and next 10 will get Free Monthly Upgrade in GRMClix (cost $4).
So your income depend of your work..
6. Top 10 Referrers of Each Month could expect rewards from $100 to $20 on monthly basis.

So there are so many reasons FOR and NO ONE AGAINST to participate in this special promotion

Don’t forget to send a support ticket to GRMCLIX admins with next data:
-your GRMClix username/userid
-your MMG user name
-in “Subject” put: MMG participant
Forum code of new 468×60 banner (Red Coloured): [img][/img][/url]

If you are not participants of this amazing program you may

                            JOIN FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE

For any questions you’re welcome to send me a message on FB

Beginning of May IMPORTANT news-revshare & bitcoin programs, GRMCLIX SURPRISE

What’s new this week, updated news in our “PTC world“, information about revshares and BTC (bitcoin) sites and their Admins, ad campaign and different opportunity to earn, special promotion of GrmClix on MMG (MoneyMakerGroup)

As usually, I’start my post with new things in “PTC world” so I’ll talk about three new revshares:

Hash revshare Marta jobs

First of all Hashrevshare-a new revshare site started the last week
Hash revshare Martajobs

Admin is Ruby Hoffman, there is FB group support and she’s active there, she offer very attractive opportunity to earn:
as you may see on following picture there are three type of ad packages ($1, $5, $10) but you’re obligated to have 100 the most cheap ad packs to buy those from Plan 2 and 100+100 for Ad packs plan 3. It’s good because obstacle that system will be exhausted fast.

Hash revshare ad pack Marta jobs

JOIN for free

Except this, she offers six unusual other way to earn:

Hashrevshare Marta jobs

As you may see Processors accepted are:
Processors are accepted- STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin

In prelaunch we got $2 on our accounts (I don’t know is it still valid)

Hashrevshare Marta jobs


Myadstory Marta jobs

Second interesting revshare is:

My Ad Story Marta jobs

Adpacks offered cost $1 or $50, but interesting thing is that admin every day share some commission between members, so except commission of your own referrals you’ll get from time to time some commission from other people even if you haven’t referrals (5%). Condition to get this is to have at least one active ad package.

Accepted Processors are  STPPMPayzaPayeerCoinpayments

Bit hash Marta jobs

If you’re “Bitcoin lover” this is a nice thing for you:

Bit hash Marta jobs


Bithash  started few days ago, Minimum investment is BTC 0.001, minimum withdraw BTC 0.0001 (and it’s instant)

Bit hash invest plans Marta jobs

Don’t miss and JOIN for free now!!

More about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you may read here


And, as a “sweet desert” come at the end of the lunch, the best I left for the end of my post:


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts the last month, the site GRMClix remain one of the best from it’s beggining (and today it’s more than 100 day online)-so JOIN for free!
More detailes about ad packages, processors withdraw you may find here.
In today’s post we’re talking about one, maybe “revolutionary idea”, following text is a post of Maria Nadal (GRMCLIX‘s  Admin) from 04/05/2016 (about special promotion as an opportunity to put your advertising there and even earn):
-to create your profile on MMG, to post at least 40 posts per month and get Shares in the end of month

and so many other benefits



If for somebody it’s much complicate to find what to do this is screenshot (after you follow this link

Grmclix on MMG Marta jobs

MMG Marta jobs

If you’re beginner maybe you don’t know what is MMG (MoneyMakerGroup)?
It’s forum with all update information about PTC/earn on the net world. If we would like to compare-as “The Financial Times” is “must have” literature for owner of big business or brokers, so MMG is “must have literature” for all of us “earning on the net” people.
Because, they offer all necessary information, as “who is who”, information about admins, problems, suggestion, other people experience or scams.
So, it’s HIGH RECOMMENDED to make own profile on MMG if you’re going to “work and earn on net” and take serious amount of money.