“Revshare/PTC” news-the last week of April…

In this post you may find actual news in PTC world (surprise as Paidverts) and about best revenue share sites during the month of April 2016(most of them published on FB too), new one page (start in four day), cost of shares, earn of shares/24 hour, ROI payment proofs, payment processors accepted, minimum payout/deposit,level and pay of referral commission sustainability, admin, bonuses

Hashrevshare Marta jobs

New revshare site start after few days, from admin Ruby Hoffman…

Hash rev share Marta jobs

Admin offers so many nice things-FB and Skype support, different cost of shares($1/$5/$10), ROI 110-120%, with maturity 10/6/3 days, 5 level of referral commission, 

Hash rev share Marta jobs

Admin promises following six ways to earn too, instant payout (and minimum payout is $2) accepted Processors are accepted- STP, PMPayzaPayeerBitcoin

Hash rev share Marta jobs

As you may see on following screenshot, after you register for free, you’ll get a nice bonus and you may buy at least 2 cheapiest shares (I suppose just in the prelaunch phase)

Hashrevshare Marta jobs

Although it’s thankless to give any forecast, textbook is cheep, admin relatively unknown in the PTC world, but on the URS‘ example we can see that that doesn’t mean anything, because URS is still one of the best revshare sites.

Paidverts Marta jobs

The biggest surprise in PTC world is Paidverts “comeback”! So many people critics me because I didn’t wish to take it off from my list of stable&safe sites, because last few months it was online but without earning, but I had trust in admin‘s (Mark De Koning) big, seven years long experience in PTC world. More, I dedicated whole page to this site, because it was typical and innovative page when it started for the first time.
This is admin‘s message:

Paidverts Marta jobs


Paidverts‘s partner site is MyTrafficValue (MTC) when you may buy shares and you login with the same username&password as on Paidverts 

Paidverts news Marta jobs
If you need more information about this site, click here to see How it work or register by clicking here for free

Grmclix Marta jobs

While we’re talking about revshares one of the best (mentioned in my analysis in March) one of two the best, recommended in my post of 27 of February, since is GRMCLIX.
Admin, Maria Nadal is very active on FB,usually morning and the evening, this is her last post:

Admin post Marta jobs

As you may see from Admin‘s FB post, payouts are correct, admin keep in touch with members every day, and, now some new “Marketing strategy later today..
Its not a bonus, not a contest, but something which will leave
GRMCLIX‘s impression on thousands of people’s mind as surprise”.
I’m curious and waiting with much impatience to know details, but no any doubt it could be opportunity to earn some extra money as usual..

If you’re not member already, it’s not to late to become now, even we’re talking about revshare page, because (this is my personal impression) this site has all condition to become one of “stable & long term”(because sustainability is provided by much things-monthly membership, not too fast earning, Admin‘s originality etc


Perfect Money-perfect payment processor

What is Perfect Money, the benefits of this payment processor? How to register, open account and use it? Different processors connected with it, how to deposite?  Funding/withdrawal fee, credit / prepaid cards you may use, opportunity to earn as affiliate

Perfect-Money Marta jobs

Perfect Money is a payment processors from Iceland. Existing few years, very practical because it’s a processor with very low fee. So, we may earn/withdraw small amounts.

How-it-work Perfect Money Marta jobs
If you have no account you may register and open it for free, by clicking on following image.:

Perfect-money Marta jobs

Then fulfill register form, after that you’ll get e-mail for account verification.

Perfect Money register Marta jobs

Perfect Money register Marta jobs

After that how to deposite funds? There are different possible ways:

Deposite Perfect Money Marta jobs

As you may see (signed by arrow) this processor offer an unusual opportunity. You may ask other Perfect Money user to send you some money as a loan. So, it’s benefit for both sides, you may get money you need and other could earn!

Very important thing: after you’ll register, you’ll get your own number of account which you’ll use it to log into your account together with password and code. If you log from unusual IP address-you’ll get it on your e-mail.

Login Perfect Money Marta jobs

But, after login it’ll open the next page with detail of your account

Perfect Money account Marta jobs

As you may see they accept USD, EUR, GBP.  When you open “my account” you’ll see this. These three numbers of your account you’ll find other people when you would like to earn/withdraw/recieve money from them. NOT THE NUMBER YOU LOG IN WITH!!! It’s very important is it U or u or E/e!! 
You may send/receive money from other Perfect Money users WITHOUT ANY FEE!

Perfect Money offer prepaid cards too. As you can see on the following image.:

Credit Cards Perfect Money Marta jobs

But it’s, by my opinion a little bit expensive option. Except this, you have to wait (and many other people share my opinion too). So I recommend to order plastic credit card from this processor. Because it’ll resolve many other problems. If you order plastic card into the first 7 days after register it cost $4.99. You’ll get it for 7-10 days-if you need more information about this processor you may read by clicking here)


If you need more information about other payment processors, you can read it by clicking here

Earn&use bitcoin, revshare&social net and cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, how to earn invest, transaction feemining” and use (pay) about bitcoin and connection between social net and cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Marta jobs

There are so many sites where you can earn and mining bitcoins for free (without investment) but these are my favorites:
-you may click
every hour and take from 500-50 000 000 satoshi. If you set up automatic withdrawal-your earned money will be sent in your wallet every Sunday afternoon if you have more than 10000 satoshi Freebitcoin Marta jobs

-the next one is this you may click every 5 minutes and usually earn from 77-189 satoshi, but so many times you can get different bonuses and take much more or click in less time. You may ask withdraw as soon as you have more then 20000 earned satoshi

Takefreebitcoin Marta jobs

-and the third, (5 min between 2 claims), just solve captcha, earn and collect it again and again. Usually it’s 200 satoshi but often they offer bonuses and you may take much more. You may ask payout whenever you wish (there is no limit by amount or time)                                                            click here

728x90-Rumoviee (1)

Excellent for “mine” is the following, it doesn’t need investment, but if you’ll invest something, you’ll earn and multiply your money easier. You may “mine” $, bitcoins, Lite coins, Dogecoins, Ethereum or Dash. Speed of collecting of earned money depend of number of “TerraX” you have.
By registration you’ll get the bonus of 5 “Terra X” and you’ll may expect cca 1800 satoshi/24hour.
If you’ll  decide to up speed- you may invest some money and buy some TerraX (price of one TerraX is $0.12). So by investment of just $1.2 you’ll up the speed 3x) by $12 investment it’s nice ammount.
Payment is instant, minimum investment $0.1, minimum payout $0.5. Processors: Coinpayments, Payeer

Other way to earn Bitcoins-almost all revshare sites accept bitcoins.

This is a new thing, with an interesting name,Franchbitgirl, you may earn 500 satoshi/hour you may payout without minimum limit. No need to register, just click on banner and enter your bitcoin address

Frenchbitgirl Marta jobs


Maybe it’s better to payout every hour bcs it’s a faster way.

Revshare-sites Marta jobs

But, if you would like to earn faster, you have to invest somewhere. If you’re not like to risk to much as with HYIP or bet sites, revshare sites are an ideal option. Usually, if you invest in bitcoins, fee is less than from other processors/currencies or without fee (as the newest Myadstory)

Myadstory Marta jobs

Now I’ll put the list of my favorites between revshare sites:

As always, on a first place is newest Myadstory ,an interesting site because they offer shares cost $1 and $50. Nothing between.. But I prefer all these “low cost share” because it’s usually faster and it’s easier to invest in cheaper shares and take back invested money earlier. Site started two days ago, but has already more than 6000 members. If you invest bitcoins fee is 0.00%! Another interesting thing is that every day is a “lottery” and 5% of invested money is shared between members which have active packages (so you may get this from somebody even he/ she is not your referral). You may get between $0.5 and $50!!

Myadastory Marta jobs

So, don’t miss the chance and register for free click here

Absolutely the most fast revshare is URS( Ultimate revenue share) ($0.05/share per hour, 50/50% repurchase rule, min payout $5 ) if you buy shares with bitcoin it’s 5% fee.

Ultimate rev share Marta jobs

The next one is Grmclix, bitcoin fee 2%+$0.35

Grmclix Marta jobs

This is an excellent site existing cca 80 days, this is report till April 11:

GRMCLIX Report Card: till  April 11 2016

Members: 7225
Active members: 5129 (quelli che cliccano PTC ed sponsori inclusi )
Member with upgrade: 3133
Cancelled account:  27
Sold AdPack: $403 155
Sold ads  (without revenue share): $4320
Profit from transactions Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies”: $32 378
Profit from Ethereum Coin: $8356
Total membership: $16 320
Profit from ad packs: $464 529
Members payout: $33 966
Promotion cost: $3329
Site cost monthly (included monthly cost of server) : $3040
New products cost: $10 050
Payout of support team: 13: $5400
Different cost as a salary of admins: $3250
Lost on “Pokeram”: $10 300
Bonus for members: $11 565
Total cost: $80 900
Money remain on account (Included all processors): $383 629

So, if you didn’t already member it’s a last moment to become
click here to join

Or if you wish to learn more about it click here

The third $1 rev share site is excellent Trafficwavesurfing,  to add fund in bitcoin will cost you 3%+$0.00

Trafficwavesurfing Marta jobs

The most safe of the most trustful admin Uday Nara, is Mypayingads (MPA) and there is no fee for add funds in Bitcoin. If you’re not member join it for free by cliccking here

My pay ingads Marta jobs


If you need more information about these two previous click here

And finally, what’s common between bitcoins and the social net?
Social-net Marta jobs

While we’re talking about other currencies (and there are so many of them) and the way to earn it, except already mentioned Topmine site (where you may earn by mineing USD, Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Ethereum or Dash), there are some interesting and unexpecting way to earn other crypto currencies. Supriselly- by social net:

If you join Startpeeps -an new social net similar to FB, every day, when you log in or post something you’ll earn 0.11 Adzcoin (one type of cryptocurrencies)-so the benefits are many-you can earn, you can make another social net team, more, you’ll get very good place for your advertising (maybe you’ll get some referral)-because you may post any link you wish without a risk to be blocked as on FB.
Open your account for free here

Other, more communication app then social net is WowApp-but you earn every time somebody become part of your net, and if you accept to get advertising on your device. Practically you’ll earn Wowcoins and get pay for use this net (similar as WhatsApp or Skype for chat, video call or sending the file.
Open your account for free here

Analysis of best revshare sites in March and something new

In this post you may read about best revenue share sites during the month of March 2016, new one (start today) and newmining“(USD,Bitcoins, Litecoines, Dogecoins), cost of shares, earn of shares/24 hour, ROI payment proofs, payment processors accepted, minimum payout/deposit,  sustainability, admin


First of all, today started new revshare page of admin Nathan Gordon, PrimeAdClub,

share cost $2, $4., $6, $8, $10
1 share earning/24h-?
ROI 115-135%
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $5
Sustainability provided by low percent of share earning 1-2.5%
Processors are accepted- STP, PMPayzaPayeerBitcoin, Blockchain

REGISTER FOR FREE HERE and you’ll get following bonus:

Website Credits 10.00
Banner Ads Credits 10.00
Text Ads Credits 10.00


Famous revenue share site od famous admin Uday Nara, popular “MAPstarted again to work during the last month, and 15th of March it was first “birthday”. 🙂  After new start it’s a little bit changed concept, different share cost, way of buying share. It’s together with other safe sites on my page  Resume:

share cost $5,
1 share earning/24h-$0.1
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $5
Sustainability provided by low percent of share earning 1-2.5%
Processors are accepted- STP, PM, 2Pay4you, Payza Bitcoin


Grmclix Marta jobs

Grmclix, revshare of admin Maria Nadal, seems to be long term, sustainability provided by month membership fee ($4). This site will be added soon to my page Stabile & long time existed sites 
share cost: $2, $5, $10, $25
Total ROI 120-135%
1 share($2) earning/24h-$0.1
Sustainability provided by low daily percent of share earning and membership
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $4
Processors are accepted- STP, PM, PayeerPayza Bitcoin



Ultimaterevshare Marta jobs

The third excellent page of last month I can recommend, URS of admin Tom Taylor, very fast, payment in few hours could be added together with previous on my page stabile
share cost: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $40
Total ROI 110-135%
1 share($1) earning/h-$0.1
Sustainability provided by 50/50% repurchase rule and 100 active shares from lower category
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $5
Processors are accepted- STP, PM, PayeerPayza Bitcoin


Trafficmonsoon Marta jobs

Even very well known TM is trefficexchanger, it’s revshare site too, as well as safe and stabile  little bit different from other, from admin Charles Scoville
share cost: $50
Total ROI 110%
1 share($1) earning/24h-$ 1
Sustainability provided by
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $2-$10
Processors are accepted- STPPayza, their own credit cards


Trafficwavesurfing Marta jobs

Site started the last month too, TWS for now good and correct
share cost: $1
Total ROI 125%
1 share($1) earning/24h-$0.05
Sustainability provided by 50/50% repurchase rule
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $10
Processors are accepted- STP, PM, PayeerPayza Bitcoin, Credit Cards


Fortadpays Marta jobs

Old site (from 2012), FAP it’s on my stabile safe sites page too, resume:
share cost: $1
Total ROI 125%
1 share($1) earning/h-$0.1
Sustainability provided by 50/50% repurchase rule
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $5
Processors are accepted- Payza, 2pay4you, and Bitcoin will b added soon


Topmine Marta jobs
This is not revshare but socalled “mining” site, name TOPMINE here you earn USD, Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins by “mining” and how fast you’ll earn is determined by number of “TerraX” you have. Good side is very low deposit just $0.1 and low payout $0.5.
Processors are accepted- PM, PayeerBitcoin

Register for free here and you’ll get bonus of 5 TerraX


If you haven’t account on mentioned processors you may do it for free through the links on this page

Payment-proof Marta jobs


urs isplata2


ADVancedCash-my favorite processor

What is ADVancedCash or just Advcash, the benefits of this payment processor, how to register, open account and use it, other processors connected with, how to deposite, how to use Bitcoin funding/withdrawal fee, credit cards, opportunity to earn as an affiliate

ADVancedCash Marta jobs

ADVancedcash Marta jobs


is a Russian payment processors, existing few months, very practical because it gave us possibility to connect to other processors with very low fee and avoid expensive exchangers.

funding and withdrawal fees for e-currencies:
OKPay funding fee – 1%.
Paxum funding and withdrawals are 1% and 0.5% correspondingly.
BTC-e funding fee is 1% while BTC-e withdrawals are 1.25%.
Perfect Money funding is 1.25% while Perfect Money withdrawals are 0.75%. EXMO withdrawal fee is 1.25%.
Funding fee for online banking of all Russian banks is 3%.


How it work? First of all you have to register and create account (you may do it by clicking on following banner)

ADVancedCash Marta jobs
When it open scroll down and click on “register account for free”

ADVancedCash register Marta jobs

Then fulfill register form, after that you’ll get e-mail for verification.
ADVancedCash register Marta jobs

After that how to deposite funds on ADV(anced)Cash account?

There are three possible way:

ADVancedCash Deposite Marta jobs

Deposite ADVancedCash Marta jobs

As you may see, except USD, EUR, GBP, it’s possible to use Russian Ruble and bitcoin too!


ADV(anced)Cash offer credit cards too, virtual as well as plastic. If you order plastic card into the first 7 days after registration it cost $4.99, you’ll get it for 7-10 days.
It’s credit card protected by chip.
An interesting thing is, that you may send money indirectly here, even do from processors which are not supported.
An example:
You may not deposit or funding money from Payza.
But, you may choose option to withdraw from this processor in Bitcoin. It take 2-3 working days to get Bitcoin in your wallet.

After that you deposit Bitcoin in your ADVancedCash account (deposite fee is 0%). After that, let you send money on your credit card and use it normally.

More about PAYZA you may read here: click here.

More about Bitcoin you may read here