The best trafficexchangers (TE)

What’re trafficexchangers & autosurf, benefits, advertising & create an ad campaign and possibility to earn


So trafficexchangers are pages for exchanging any type of traffic You need.

As per rules it’s forbidden to exchange clicks directly. But it not forbidden to pay ad campaign and get traffic for your page.

Paid advertising is a good but often expensive opportunity. So, some sites offer to pay you to see other people ads. You may be paid in money ($, Bitcoins or other currency) or in credits.

That money or credits you may payout or use for your own advertising by making an ad campaign.

Some of them offer just page view and other offer different type of exchanges (FB likes, you tube like/subscribes etc.)
For every blogger or people in affiliate marketing trafficexchangers are neccessary tool. Some people think that is not “high quality ad campaign” but I don’t share that opinion. Because all of us, trafficexchangers‘s users, we are bloggers, parents, member of some groups, travelers etc. So if we’ll see something interesting, for sure we’ll visit that page. Even if it wasn’t our intention from the beginning.

My experience is result of monitoring on feedjit. I could see that on my feedjit live few minutes after I put my link.

Why did I say this? Because, few times it happened that I paid advertising and put my link but I didn’t get traffic. After my complain, admin reply something like ” We put your ads on our site but we can not force somebody to click”. Practically I couldn’t do anything and it was lost money and time.


Trafficmonsoon trafficexchangers Marta jobs

Another excellent trafficexchangers is famous Trafficmonsoon. Even it’s combination of TE and revenue share, but you’ll get REALLY quality traffic.

Traffic monsoon Marta jobs

Trafficmonsoon is trafficexchangers and revenue share too. But from 28th of March 2016 it’s necessary to upload documents for earn from shares.


Ayuwage Marta jobs

The next one is Ayuwage it’s a combination of different type of pages (PTC, TE). But it’ll give you real quality of ad campaign and you may choose between so many possibilities-just to ask people to open your page or click on ads, or to explore etc)

Ayuwage Marta jobs trafficexchangers



Easyhit4you Marta jobs trafficexchangers

Maybe the most effective is Easyhits4you  it’s one of my favorites and it’ on my list of safe and long time existing sites. It’s page with OVER MILION members, so your “visibility” can’t be better.

You may choose between free and upgrade membership. Means different type of benefits you may see that on the following image.:

Easy hits memberships Marta jobs trafficexchangers

if you decide to be free member you may surf 2:1 (means you have to see 2 other people ads to get one view of your ad).

Or, if you have no time to click you may just buy ad credits.:

Easy hits credit cost Marta jobs trafficexchangers


If you’re serious blogger the most probably you’re already member. If you ‘re not, this is absolutely “MUST HAVE assistent”. 🙂  And you may  JOIN FOR FREE by clicking on banner:

Easyhit4you Marta jobs-trafficexchangers


Autosurf trafficexchangers Marta jobs

Following sites is not one of trafficexchangers but autosurf. Mean you earn minutes and exchange it to get traffic on your own sites. Very useful thing and high reccomend specially for bloggers which are in Google adsense program! 

HitLeap Marta jobs trafficexchangers

This is not an trafficexchangers as other, which work on following way: after registration (by clicking on banner).

Hitleap Marta jobs

You have to click on earn traffic and than to download application. When you’ll start application it start to earn minutes for your site. This you may offer other people.

Hitleaps trafficexchangers Marta jobs


Websyndic Marta jobs trafficexchangers

This is my “last discover” but very good autosurf site. It’s good because you may set time, and to earn credits “on passive way” and after that exchange it. It’s excellent trafficexchaners especially for people in google adsense program.

Websyndic Marta jobs trafficexchangers

Ref. commission is 10% and if you decide to buy credit the price is decent.

Websyndic trafficexchaners buy credit Marta jobs
So don’t miss this it’s excellent and you may earn even without any investment.


SEMRUSH-“must have” tools for every serious blogger

In this post you’ll know what is SEMRUSH, why it’s “must have” tool for every blogger & the benefits and how make your posts better by finding keywords

SEMRUSH Marta jobs-click

Semrush is a marketing tool, which provide better rank of your site.

With this tool you may find the way to improve your keywords ranking.
If you have no idea what keywords are driving traffic to your posts, you’ll have very low rank even if your posts are very good.

It’s especially important for posts written before 2012 bcs it were not targeted by any specific keywords.
My personal experience with this tool is amazing. My site “drop” on ALEXA more than 3 000 000 for just 17 days!!
So how to use Semrush?
First of all, you have to create your own account, and once you’re logged in put your domain into the search field.
When you’ll find high pay keywords for your site, insert that into the posts and you’ll increase you rating very fast.

Semrush key words Marta jobs-click
Practically we use Semrush to extract following important data from our blog:
1. Keywords we are ranking for
2. Money keywords
3. Traffic keywords

Semrush important data Marta jobs-click

This is maybe little bit expensive tool but if you’ll consider all benefits from Semrush-it’s not. Even, this will give you great opportunity to earn money by your Blog. If you applicate for some program as a Google Adsense or alternative as  Adzhits, Bidverttiser, Ayboll.

Semrush will be your precious “partner” in this business.

But, Semrush is not “omnipotent”-you have to do much more different things to make your Blog more visible.

After that, it’s important to use different keywords optimization plugin. To pay attention to backlink building, to use different social media (FB pageTwitterG+, Startpeeps, TSU, WowApp ) share new posts at least once at 7-10 days.
And, in this case, result won’t missing!


FortAdPays-safe, stable & long time existing page, ROI

What is FortAdPays? How does it work, how to earn money, share’s cost, commission level. How long page exist, total ROI ref. commission levels

Marta jobs-FortAdPays

This is a serious, long time ago existing page-from November of 2014.

With more than 180 000 members, FortAdPays is created by legal advertising company from Spain.

FortAdPays offer very good quality of advertising (and visibility!).
I can say this, take into consideration that I have fidjeet on my site. So, I’m able to see any time from where I’m getting traffic. If you’re blogger it’s very important for you, too.

Except this benefit, there are so many other.
Also, you can earn with them, from share revenue with own members.

 Marta jobs-FortAdPays


Their ALEXA is less than 6000 :

FortAdPays alexa Marta jobs

Buying one ad package you’ll get 5 gain publicity. Total ROI 220%, with 50/50% repurchase rule. Previous, one Ad pack cost $1, minimum deposit (and cashout) is $10. Accepted processors were Payza and 2Pay4You. Instead of this, now one Ad pack cost $10, and give you 50 advertisement credit.
Now it’s possible to pay it just in Bitcoins. But it’s not necessary to “add fund” first and than buy ad pack, you may buy it directly from processor.

Platform is similar as old MPA and it’s very practical. Because, you may buy new share as soon as you collect $1 (previous and $10 now) on both balances. It’s not fast, but it’s pretty safe and stable. Other safe and stabile sites you may find here.

How it look like you may see on following image:

FortAdPays Marta jobs-click


There is support in many languages (Italian, Spain, English, Arab, Bulgarian, Russian, German and other). There are video tutorials “how to do” too.

It’s necessary to surf 7 ads daily to be qualified  to get revenue. You may also earn from PTC ads (up to $0.15), and referral commission from 4 levels.
To cashout you have to validate your account-scan your Passport or ID


                        FREE JOIN HERE

Trafficwavesurfing, 4 level commission, shares $1, TM&MPA

What is Trafficwavesurfing? How does it work, how to earn money, share‘s cost, what payment processors are accepted, commission level, don’t forget TM and MPA

New revenue share program, official start will be March 26th. Unknown admin, but now, ten days before official launch there are about 2000 members.


It look real, because of share cost ($1), total ROI 125% and 50% repurchase rule, 4 level of ref.commission.

It accept few payment processors: STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Coin payments.

Except this news, DON’T FORGET! that tomorrow, 17/03/2016  MPA (MyPayingAds) start again, the most probably from the beginning, if you didn’t cashout, ever you’ll find your money into account.

MyPayingAds register Marta jobs-click

Trafficmonsoon started to work normally few days ago.  If you are not member of TM you may register for free by clicking here, or if you need more information click on this link

What is AIOP, how to earn, benefits, hosting&tools?

What is AIOP? How does it work, what are the benefits for us and our site/page, how to earn money, all about hosting, web tools, cost support autoresponder

AIOP hosting tools earn Marta jobs-click

For all of us, bloggers, and “earn on the net” people, it’s a crucial thing to choose the right hosting. We have to be “visible” as much as possible, to provide the quickest loading of our site even for 3G net. And if, one day we start earning as a publisher in some adsense programme, it’s very important to provide visibility of the advertisers ads.
AIOP (All-In-One-Profit) is a company existing from 2012, it is a worldwide business, offers many benefits for decent price.

Hosting on AIOP costs $10(+$1.5 fee) per month

. You can pay through Credit Card, Payza, STP or Payeer (more read on payment processors)

Now you’re asking yourself, why to pay $11.5 per month when there are so many other hosting companies that offer lower prices cost monthly? Even $3-$5.
Because, except for the web hosting (which is excellent BTW! So many visitors of my site ask for the link of my hosting company. Because they say that my site is visible from different browsers and loads very quickly). Plus, you’ll get so many expensive tools for free.

First of all you get autoresponder (this tool costs at least $15 if you buy it separately).

More, UNLIMITED number of sent e-mails (in other companies you’re limited and it cost $15-$30 a month. Price is depending on the number of sent e-mails.
Except this, AIOP offer splash page builder. They offer their own rotator (it’s practically publicity for free! From my own experience I can say that’s very good and it’ll hit your site to the sky). The web platform also.

They offer advertising by decent price too.
Besides all of these things, THEY OFFER THE BEST TECHNICAL SUPPORT I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Last Friday (MIDNIGHT) when I was trying to do something I lost my php config file.
I was desperate because I was sure that I’ll have to wait until Monday morning. Consider  that most of my visitors and subscribers come during the weekend (so it was DISASTER for me!). But Saturday morning, I have tried (completely hopeless) to log into my dashboard when I was shocked. All the things worked perfectly! Just 3 hour later AIOP technical support have fixed it all.
You can see that on the following screenshot:
AIOP SUPPORT earn Marta jobs-clickAIOP support earn Marta jobs-click

The best thing here is their compensation plan. Affiliate program to earn money with them is amazing because it offers 100% referral commission from every 2nd affiliate.
What does that mean and what kind of benefit you get?
If you have JUST one referral, the hosting, tools and complete service becomes FREE for you! After next affiliates you’ll start earning the money!
I don’t know ANY other company except AIOP that offers all of these services and benefits for this cost.


What is “Merchantshare”? Min/max payout, ROI,benefits of investment

In this post you may find all about web site Merchantshare. As well as why it’s “passive earn“, min/max payout, processors. And you’ll find benefits of investment money in this type of “fund

Merchantshare Marta jobs-click

This is unusual type of site, existing from 2009, with over 300 000 registered members. Merchantshare is typical example of “passive earn” site.

That means you are not obliged to surf other people’s ads or do something else. Instead, you’ll just invest your money. Because, site, itself is investing in different things (stock, forex, web ads, commodities) and share the profit with own members. This site is similar as online bank or investment fund.

But if you put your money in bank you’ll get 3-5% of interests per year. On Merchantshares, you’ll get 0.25%-2.5% on daily basis (depend of stock).
When you’ll get some profit, profit has to be minimum $2.5 to transfer it on Account balance. From account balance, you can withdraw or reinvest.

Minimum of investment is $20, but my advice to let you invest the same amount on every type-because on this way you’ll get maximum from this opportunity.
Merchanshares dash Marta jobs-click Minimum payout is $5, so you could use this if you need some money (with bank you’ll loose interest). Except withdrawal, you may reinvest money too.

Total ROI is 150%.
Almost all processors are accepted-Neteller, STP, PM, OKPay, Payeer, credit cards, Bitcoin.
Their rule is that you have to use same processor for investing and withdraw.
If you would like to change your favorite processor for any reason, you have to wait. Practically you have to collect all withdraw from one processor and than invest from other.

For investment bigger than $250 you have to verify your account.
If you wish to invest in Bitcoins, you can not do it just from your BTC address as usual. You have to invest from verified processor choosing Bitcoin as your currency.


Click join Merchantshare Marta jobs

AdsPayMoon-something different, start 08./03.

AdsPayMoon, admin, % of daily earning, ad package cost, minimum cashout, accepted payment processors

Adspaymoon banner

This is new programm, AdsPayMoon, will start the day after tomorrow, dashboard is completely different looking from other sites, itàs written that admin is The Shuin Tony, from UK (who could be sure in that?!). But, he is very active on FB, Skype, Twitter and there are not bad comments on different forums.

AdsPayMoon dashboard


The things I like: minimum cashout $1, cheap ad packages (the cheapest cost $2 with 4.2% earning/daily/per package in total 126%). That ensure money accumulation and provide longer life of the page.

The most expensive ad package cost $60, with daily earning of 5.3% in total 160%.

Referral commission is 15%, there is no FEE for deposit (for cashout is decent  3%).

Processors are following: Payza, STP, PM, Bitcoin, Payeer, Wire Transfer

The thing I DON°T like: there is no repurchase rule.

My recommendation is: follow your own “feeling”! (mine is good), if you decide to start, do it on the beginning, with one investment medium-not too much not small and than..

We’ll see…



My Experience With Google ADSENSE Programm

Read about my own experience and the doubt about GoogleAdsense programm

One of appreciated visitors of my site, Evelyn, left a comment with some advice how to earn with Google Adsens programm.

Pushed  by advise of some visitors, two weeks ago, I applied for Google Adsense progamm and I got e-mail informing me that my site is approved. Then, few days later new e-mail “your site is dissaproved” .

So this is my answer to Evelyn and, at the same time the question to Google Adsense “experts”:

Dear Evelyn, all this you’ve written, is very interested for me because at the moment Google adsense accepted my site and few days later disapproved it. I have about 100 new registered users every day.
It’s a big satisfaction for me.
Site is called “Earn on the net with Marta” (mean EARN, avoid TRICKERS and SCAMS, find all NECESSARY information at one place (about payment processors, good web hosting, advices how to do blogging etc), HELP to start if they are beginners, to hear about MY OWN experience and avoid MY MISTAKES).
Now, I am doubting shall I CHOOSE:
1.The Google Adsense MACHINE and make some bucks (and loose the HUMAN BEEINGS)
2. To choose my highly appreciated LOYAL FOLLOWERS (REAL PEOPLE) who are searching for info here every day, because it is HELPING them to EARN their daily income. Hundreds of their/your comments every day confirm that.
My followers are not good enough to see Google ads?!

HOW the google search MACHINE could be so sure that my followers don’t like to travel, buy the things online, use computer programs & games or ANY other goods and services-usually can find in google ads?
So I’m asking myself what is a SENSE of Google adSENSE?

So, does Google Adsense Programm is created to help PEOPLE to grow up their business or to satisfy SE MACHINE?

I asked Google’s Adsense to show my visitors their appreciated offers.

So, if I’m going to satisfy MACHINE and earn some bucks, I’ll have to loose ORIGINALITY and idiosyncrasy. I believe, all people who subscribe to my blog, did it because they believe in it’s content.

I never recommend something just to trick people to invest because of my own benefit. My advise is: always be careful if you’re investing in new “earn-on-the-net-program”.  I always share my real experience. Good and bad. Sincerely.

So, my mission is to share my experience, to HELP people to protect themselves from malware, viruses, hacker attacks. It’s children safe site, without any discrimination, hate speech, porn or similar contents.

I believe that the same is the Google’s mission too. Because of that reason I wanted to be part of that “big family” too. 

My followers found that my articles ARE HELPFUL. And every day, are leaving the comments to thank me for that.

Even, if this, what happened to me, to be denied from Google Adsense, WILL HELP to my visitors, to avoid the same mistake as I did, and they successfully enter in Google Adsense program, it’ll make me happy.

I understand, that Google is powerful machine and I understand “their company their rules”. And I respect it.


So, I’m asking all my visitors to be free and leave their own opinion and experience related to Google Adsense program.