New rev share sites start soon


New revenue share, it’ll start tomorrow, 18/01/2016, different ad plans:

big rever paketi


And five different processors:

big river procesori


The second site-Modestrevshare start for 13 days (31st of January), look very good, with “longevity potential” because of 70/30 rules and various price of ad packages from $1-$100.


Ad packages plan:

paketi na modest

Payment processors accepted:

procesori za modest

Members benefits:

modest members benefit

You can join site by clicking here

As for any other revenue share site: there is a rule-if you would like to try, do it IMMEDIATELY, buy new shares from both balances (repurchase & account) few days, since you may buy at least one new share from repurchase b. Then continue to buy every day from R.B. but on A.B. collect the money to take your investment back.

If you decide to try- good luck and good earn! 🙂

What’s up-few important thing

What to do if you’re abroad but need to pay something by SolidTrustPay?

If you’ll try to login to your account when you’re abroad  your account will be suspended immediately. In that case you can go on HELP desk (upper right corner) and ask your “roaming code”. It’s an automated call on number you left when you’ll created your account. That you may use that period you’re abroad and pay normally. If you’re frequent traveler you can ask trustful card (cost $30) which provide you code for paying out of country of your residence.

If you haven’t account on this excellent Canadian processor you can open it by cliicking here.

The last news about MyPayingAds

It seems that is a hope this good site will survive because PayPal has no so strictly rules as for American companies and if Uday Nara will make some changes to synchronize with new PayPal conditions. This process need about two weeks. Hoping that everything’ll be fine I really support this always-correct-paying-in time-admin. Earning is extremely slow now during the PayPal review but “better slow than nothing” 🙂

If you have no account in this the best 2015 revshare-open it here

The third “big news” is that Trafficmonsoon notice that they’re opening own bank so in the future they won’t use PayPal. Payza and STP remain but if I understand well the payment way will be different.

To remain all my referrals, now it’s right time to invest in ACX because daily earning is 6%!


What’s going wrong with PayPal?

This photo was an inspiration to write few thing..


All of us, working and earning on the net are testimonies how many scammers and trickers are present on “our PTC sky”. Find one honest, correct admin who pays in time, works good is so rare as an pineapple in North Pole.

Two of them-admins of Useclix and MyPaying ads are examples. It wasn’t any problems with these two, any delay of payment or something like that and now, after so many months of excellent job they are blocked and ruined by PayPal.

At the same time so many scammers continue to work, to trick and steal from people every single day. Without any problem.

OK, I understand that PayPal doesn’t support some types of jobs-HYIP, ponzi etc. An I agree with that. Their company their rules.

But the thing I don’t understand why, if something is against their rules they support from the beginning and when it become serious businness ruin that?

Something must be very, very wrong…

This is my way to support these two honest admins.

Except this, there are so many other EXCELLENT PAYMENT PROCESSORS  simple to use and with small fee and cheap credit cards.

Why to continue to use PayPal?