“Summa sumarum” the best & the worst thing in PTC world 2015

Few days before the end of this 2015, I’ll try to make review of all things happened on our “PTC sky”. This is MY story and my own point of view. I suppose that many people agree and also, so many disagree.

So many pages looking very good and promising at the beginning, now are death: ISOOB, REVADBURST, LUCRELAB, ADVERTZER.. On some of these I lost money some of them I’m on “zero point” and some of them I success to take money back an earn some coins before their failure.

With HQREVSHARE success strange thing-I deposit 5th of November money and DIDN’T SEE IT EVER MORE.

But, I have to be onest, my own sister do the same thing, just day before me, she is very satisfied because she success to get money back and even earn.. I’m talking about because of so many discuss about “how somebody can recommend bad site”..





Summary the end of year

First of all wish to present new, very good  payment processor, offer so many good things, first of all if you order credit card first 7 days after registration it cost $4.99 and valid three years.

You can deposit money in different ways, with a small fee, and you can withdraw money from Perfect Money and Payeer without using exchangers:

deposit advcashdeposit advcash2

Free registration on following banner:


After that, would like to present three new revshare pages:

Firstly- Revsharemax, no need to surf ads, Paypal, Payza,  different price of shares from $5 to $40 (with ROI 150-165%), it’s completely passive program (no need to surf ads), it started 16/12 but today there are over 13000 members..Hope it’ll be long-term program. You ca register for free by clicking on this banner:

Advertisersjunction-shares cost from $1 to $50, accepted processors Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and SolidTrustPay, for earning from revenue shares have to surf 10 ads daily, and important condition for withdrawal:

Free Members (means, without a deposit via processor) can make a withdrawal request?

Free members can earn from referral purchase and positions from $5 free signup bonus. But, before processing the withdrawal, you have to make a actual deposit via processor and make purchase with it. Otherwise, you will get only 15% of requested amount. Don’t try to cheat the system by making  self fake referral IDs for commission. It will be detected and may cause to account suspension!

Register for free by click on following banner:

Trafficachiever -another passive program, offer $10 sign up bonus, shares cost just $1, referral commision 12%, minimum payout $5. ROI 152%, processors: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Solid Trust Pay and Payza. Register for free click on banner: