Important updates in Paidverts, Trafficmonsoon, HQrevshare

First of all, I would like to thank all visitors of this site, especially to registered users and all people who support me, and telling me that all my posts are helpful. Like this I know that my job is not useless! So, I’ll try to be up to date because of all of you. Without you my site wouldn’t exist. 

This weekend attention will be paid to few “good, old, safe” pages.

First of all it’s PAIDVERTS– admin posted the following text:

paidverts za sajtove


Many people believe Paidverts  is going to die, but maybe, this time patient people will “take a worm” instead of the “early bird”. Admin, Marc de Koning is in the internet business for long time now, so, most probably he knows how to resolve the existing problems. A part of all this, Paidverts is known a symbol of “stabile & safe site” the last few years.

BAPs will be untouched but all the money from balance will be converted into the points- for every $1 we’ll get 2000 BAPs. Personally, I decided to wait for this swap with empty money account this time and I’m going to buy ads-because that way I’ll get 3100 BAP/$1.

Last time after swap (April I think) site literary “exploded”. Because of that I said that it’ll be smart to wait until the swap and then definitely decide what to do in future (invest or give up).


Few weeks ago, a problem started when you asked to withdraw money; it replied: you don’t set a payment processor. If you contact admin, the reply is he will set up it soon. But you can do it yourself easily! Buy a cash link from the processor which you want to send it your payment and then ask for payment, the processor will setup automatically.



The third important thing is that HQrevshare  is under some maintenance. It seems that “system became mad” and started paying instantly or skipping payments so some people got something like $ 999999999.00 on their account and others can’t see their own deposit (I couldn’t see mine) or shares. Admins are posting new information few times a day so they keep us updated.

I’ve found this guy’s post on official Facebook page of HQrevshare and decided to share it with you. 🙂

hq maintenance

Besides that, they are making new site, so please support admins of the best revshares! 🙂

RIOADSHARE is the most interesting, there is a war between admin Rakesh Patel and admin of some program name Miracle (I was not included in that so I have no information what type of program is it), if I can understand from admin’s FB posts, they had some kind of a problem with processors caused by that program. Last week admin said that “he is not going to pay Balkans people” , then repurchase was cancelled, after that came Divali-Indian New Year-so admin was taking prolonged vacation. Today, everything is back to normal.

Still good program.

mali pedro


One of my favorite is Trafficmsoon. There were problems with payment processors, but now everything is back to normal. Site is working pretty fast.

Procesori m capital

Since my last post about  M-Capital I invested $5, as I recommended in my last post. By the rule of the site, I can’t reinvest or ask withdrawal for 30 days from the first investment. Like this, sometimes in the middle of December I’ll be able to tell you more details.