ACX come back!

First of all I would like to welcome all of the new users to this site (ACX). All of my followers and readers for support.

I’ll try to give you precise information about ACX and to be up to date.

If you wish you can like my FB page and send me friend request. If you want faster (immediate) answer and better conversation, you’d better send me your questions to my facebook account. Since I have a lot of comments here, and can’t make it to answer everyone the same day.



After so many dilemmas about ACX, restarts and confusions, we have to be satisfied because of the big come back. After it has restarted and then reset (when all earnings and active packages turn in XS wallet). Daily earnings increased on 3% /active package. Panels are working again and admins say that they will pay again for posting the payment proof.

I didn’t dare to recommend ACX before I saw what’s going on. But now I can do that with “calm conscious”. Personally, I invested $10 in 2 media packs and am going to invest another $10 in silver membership and panels. If somebody doesn’t know about ACX and needs more information you can click.   here

What’s going on with other sites?

isoob poeni

The last week “ISOOB” added new forum, and admin replayes quickly. I had problem with point addition after creating campaign system. Namely, it took $1 but didn’t add points. Admin’s advice was to go to MY campaign, click ‘inactive’ button, and after that confirm purchase. That really worked! At the moment site is stable, and with small investment you can earn decent amount of money. If, for example, you invest $16 to enter 4th group (more than 48000 points) daily earning is c-ca $0.6

Screenshot_4 TM

Trafficmonsoon” remains one of the best pages. That’s paying immediately and these days there are many adds. So you can collect $0.15 from your clicks. There is a small problem with setting withdrawal processor after transfer to new server. But, admin promised that this problem will be solved.

486x60 mypayingads

Mypayingads” (my favourite page and very good admin). Had some problems with servers and off surfing-so until the problem is resolved we’re not obligated to surf 10 ads. Now there are more than 65000 members and. If you didn’t join-don’t miss this opportunity! You can start with $30 and then buy shares since you ‘ll have 50-60 and start to payout.


Rioadshare” started with instant payments, but admin posted in the group that the condition for instant payment is to buy upgrade of $50. But important thing is that they are still paying so they didn’t become scam!


Another good, stabile revshare exist three monts is HQREVSHARE, now they solved problem with PayPal. Don’t miss this opportunity!

revbuster adpaketi

Revadburst” has new rule – 50/50% account and repurchase balance but it still goes fast and pays without any problems.

Don’t forget “Merchantshare’’ – it’s not fast but the earning is certain-as online bank. Minimum investment is $20. You’ll get 0.25-2.5% a daily basis (that’s more than interest in any bank. You earn every day, and you get more than you would get as an interest in some bank) and minimum payout is just $2.


There are some new rewshare sites like “mushroom after the rain” but I’m not going to recommend anything before I check it out myself.


 And, at the end-one lovely page (“trafficmsoon”) recovered. It seems that Pedro (administrator) is very yang, but resolved problems with processors. So shares are going faster now and he pays! Packages from $2-$10 with different ROI (150-180%).

Support for Pedro!