The best way to earn on the net-the end of October and first November’s days..

Earning on the net was complicated job the previous week. But, all of us, free lancers, need a little bit of adrenaline, if not we didn’t choose this job?

The biggest news is “reset” on ACX-it seems that even admins are a little bit confused, they talked about 2% for every active package, and it really happened at Thursday, but Friday was 1% (what is expected weekend earn) and today even less. But, take into consideration, that ALL of us, members of ACX  multiplied our investments and few weeks it was the best paying net program ever, by my opinion, it’s wrong decision to give up.

Little bit more patience will give the best results! Give a chance to admins to make recapitulation and start again.

All NEW  packages-bought from processors will get 3% daily!!  If you don’t work this program maybe it’s right time to start now, at the new begginning.

                                If you need more information about program-click here



The next very exciting thing was Rioadshare -as so many sites before even them had to superate the problem known as “PayPal”. I don’t know why, but these processor ruin so many good sites the last few months, but still their good side is the possibility of dispute and money back.

Anyway, so many of us are still waiting for cashout, but even here, I already took back invested money. So, I have patience to wait for pending payments. The positive sides-admin post every day on official FB group, there are so many payment proof there too, and even now, when it slow down, it’s faster then so many other.



But, REVADBURST, (if you follow my post, you can see at the last, week ago, 36 shares and today I own 51!!) MYPAYINGADS (at the moment there are over 60000 members!!!) and  HQREVSHARE are running very fast, they are paying and if you didn’t try this, it’s the last moment to start.

jubilej rev   MPA za sajt

Tommorrow will start one new revshare-PAYNAW, processors accepted: Skrill, STP, PM, Payza Paypal, Bitcoin, low cashout ($2) and different packages :

pacheti paynaw

At the end, one new exchanger-MAGNETICEXCHANGE you can tranfser money from one processor to other with small fee.

New updates

What’s faster and faster way to earn on the net this week?

As I recommended in my last post,  RIOADSHARE remain on the top of the list, I asked my second payment the last night (about $23), as soon as I’ll get money I’ll put the proof on my FB.


rio klikovi za sajt  

MYPAYINGADS don’t loose position too, maybe the best admin at the moment in PTC world-Uday Nara-always correct, with updated news, fast payments and with target to get 100 000 members! The best wishes!

Also I reccommended REVADBURST , I’ve written about my $25  investment week ago-this-down the text is result, so, I mean, DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!   JOIN
reavdburst 22.10 rezultat



In all my post I’m trying to find something new and to be update so, I forgot to mention on very stabile and good rev share page you have join with a small amount HQREWSHARE

The last few weeks there are so many “pro e contra” reasons about ACX. It’s true that all of us waiting long time for payment, but they are still PAYING..

acx p.proof 22.10



Somebody here asked what’s the best solution for own blog/site-my personal recommendation is AIOP, because of many free tools, rotator, excellent pay plan and cheap hosting. For free option –WEEBLY

aiopbanner486x60 zeleni

Don’t miss!

I’m starting post today with a payment proof

rio isplata za fb                                      rio125


Two week ago I highly recommended this site because it’s safe, growing, paying, there are posts and news in FB group almost every day, and admin offer some bonuses often. No need to surf-100% passive earn!

Sunday-two week ago,  was my “lucky day”-I grab one of that bonuses. My investment was $30.

I asked payment the night before yesterday and I found the message from STP this morning. In the meantime there are enough money on balances to ask new payment.

Conclusion-DON’T MISS THIS! It’s not too late to start!

                                                   JOIN RIO HERE

Other two “high reccomended”:

125burst                                                                                                     isoob

REVADBURST is a typical rev-share page, officially started two days ago, shares cost $1-$50, standard member must surf 10 ads daily, instead silver and gold membership-no need to surf

upgrade cost revburst


“Golden rules” for all revenue share pages:

-don’t start with small amounts ($5-$6)! Because you’ll lose your time since other people make money.

-Try to be fast and first


Try to invest enough to buy at least one new share daily from balances-till 100 shares-then, let you start to collect money for payout.

This is the fastest way to get your invested money back!

I tried this site by $25 investment and it’s c-ca $0,87 daily earning. We’ll see what’s going on.

                                           JOIN HERE

The other-ISOOB-is a hybrid site, there are ads 8×25 points and 5-10 paid ads. It’s good as it was Paidverts at the beginning. The site is new, it’s good, and with a few dollars investment you can earn nice amounts. Referral commission 10%


Resumè-September/October news

New page from trustful admin, start tomorrow


While we are talking about the most successful, trustful and paying pages during the month of September were:

ADCUMULO  and it’s “brother site”-TRAFFIQUICK



These are on the top because: there is no too much work (just to surf 10 sites once in 24h), earning is fast, payment correct.

“Top two” between rew-share pages:

From hybrid sites, ISOOB  is fast growing, fast earning and paying