New and in prelaunche phase

Dear visitors, considering that so many of you leave comment on this post, I have to warn that information written here are from September 2015. Unfortunately these two sites don’t work any more!



The last day of September we have two important things on our “PTC sky”:





125burst                                              125isoob

The first is new revenue share site-REVADBURST,from known admin and registered legal company!

It seems to be nice, and with only 10 day remaining from the official start it already has more than 2000 members. Some informations:

novi advertzer instant placanje

revbuster adpaketi

revbuster kalkulacija

procesori za novi advertzer


If you had ever joined some rev-share type site-then you know that the most important thing is TO BE FAST AND IF POSSIBLE FIRST!



The other one-ISOOB is a hybrid site- easy to work, similar system as PAIDVERTS, but with very expensive platform,and all important processors, I tried it with just few dollars- to see how it works-and as a 1st level member I got about $0.12 and 8×25 points, 2nd level about $0.25 and third lvl $0.34 daily-it’s really excellent for the beggining!

               REGISTER HERE

isoob poeni

isoob placene reklame

One dollar invested in your campaign, gives you $1.55 in adds and 3100 points.

It officially starts tommorrow, but right now many people have joined-so it looks as a long term, stabile  business

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