What is “Merchantshare”? Min/max payout, ROI,benefits of investment

In this post you may find all about web site Merchantshare. As well as why it’s “passive earn“, min/max payout, processors. And you’ll find benefits of investment money in this type of “fund

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This is unusual type of site, existing from 2009, with over 300 000 registered members. Merchantshare is typical example of “passive earn” site.

That means you are not obliged to surf other people’s ads or do something else. Instead, you’ll just invest your money. Because, site, itself is investing in different things (stock, forex, web ads, commodities) and share the profit with own members. This site is similar as online bank or investment fund.

But if you put your money in bank you’ll get 3-5% of interests per year. On Merchantshares, you’ll get 0.25%-2.5% on daily basis (depend of stock).
When you’ll get some profit, profit has to be minimum $2.5 to transfer it on Account balance. From account balance, you can withdraw or reinvest.

Minimum of investment is $20, but my advice to let you invest the same amount on every type-because on this way you’ll get maximum from this opportunity.
Merchanshares dash Marta jobs-click Minimum payout is $5, so you could use this if you need some money (with bank you’ll loose interest). Except withdrawal, you may reinvest money too.

Total ROI is 150%.
Almost all processors are accepted-Neteller, STP, PM, OKPay, Payeer, credit cards, Bitcoin.
Their rule is that you have to use same processor for investing and withdraw.
If you would like to change your favorite processor for any reason, you have to wait. Practically you have to collect all withdraw from one processor and than invest from other.

For investment bigger than $250 you have to verify your account.
If you wish to invest in Bitcoins, you can not do it just from your BTC address as usual. You have to invest from verified processor choosing Bitcoin as your currency.


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