What is AIOP, how to earn, benefits, hosting&tools?

What is AIOP? How does it work, what are the benefits for us and our site/page, how to earn money, all about hosting, web tools, cost support autoresponder

AIOP hosting tools earn Marta jobs-click

For all of us, bloggers, and “earn on the net” people, it’s a crucial thing to choose the right hosting. We have to be “visible” as much as possible, to provide the quickest loading of our site even for 3G net. And if, one day we start earning as a publisher in some adsense programme, it’s very important to provide visibility of the advertisers ads.
AIOP (All-In-One-Profit) is a company existing from 2012, it is a worldwide business, offers many benefits for decent price.

Hosting on AIOP costs $10(+$1.5 fee) per month

. You can pay through Credit Card, Payza, STP or Payeer (more read on payment processors)

Now you’re asking yourself, why to pay $11.5 per month when there are so many other hosting companies that offer lower prices cost monthly? Even $3-$5.
Because, except for the web hosting (which is excellent BTW! So many visitors of my site ask for the link of my hosting company. Because they say that my site is visible from different browsers and loads very quickly). Plus, you’ll get so many expensive tools for free.

First of all you get autoresponder (this tool costs at least $15 if you buy it separately).

More, UNLIMITED number of sent e-mails (in other companies you’re limited and it cost $15-$30 a month. Price is depending on the number of sent e-mails.
Except this, AIOP offer splash page builder. They offer their own rotator (it’s practically publicity for free! From my own experience I can say that’s very good and it’ll hit your site to the sky). The web platform also.

They offer advertising by decent price too.
Besides all of these things, THEY OFFER THE BEST TECHNICAL SUPPORT I HAVE EVER SEEN!! Last Friday (MIDNIGHT) when I was trying to do something I lost my php config file.
I was desperate because I was sure that I’ll have to wait until Monday morning. Consider  that most of my visitors and subscribers come during the weekend (so it was DISASTER for me!). But Saturday morning, I have tried (completely hopeless) to log into my dashboard when I was shocked. All the things worked perfectly! Just 3 hour later AIOP technical support have fixed it all.
You can see that on the following screenshot:
AIOP SUPPORT earn Marta jobs-clickAIOP support earn Marta jobs-click

The best thing here is their compensation plan. Affiliate program to earn money with them is amazing because it offers 100% referral commission from every 2nd affiliate.
What does that mean and what kind of benefit you get?
If you have JUST one referral, the hosting, tools and complete service becomes FREE for you! After next affiliates you’ll start earning the money!
I don’t know ANY other company except AIOP that offers all of these services and benefits for this cost.


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