Trafficwavesurfing, 4 level commission, shares $1, TM&MPA

What is Trafficwavesurfing? How does it work, how to earn money, share‘s cost, what payment processors are accepted, commission level, don’t forget TM and MPA

New revenue share program, official start will be March 26th. Unknown admin, but now, ten days before official launch there are about 2000 members.


It look real, because of share cost ($1), total ROI 125% and 50% repurchase rule, 4 level of ref.commission.

It accept few payment processors: STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Coin payments.

Except this news, DON’T FORGET! that tomorrow, 17/03/2016  MPA (MyPayingAds) start again, the most probably from the beginning, if you didn’t cashout, ever you’ll find your money into account.

MyPayingAds register Marta jobs-click

Trafficmonsoon started to work normally few days ago.  If you are not member of TM you may register for free by clicking here, or if you need more information click on this link

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