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This post is dedicated to  Traffic Circle Share (TCS) stable mixture of traffic exchanger and revshare. Something about how it works, Admins, ROI, earning, advertising, referral commission

Traffic Circle Share Marta jobs

Why I decided to replace Trafficmonsoon with this site, Traffic Circle Shareon my list of “safe and stable sites“?
Because concept of both sites is same. You’ll get really good quality of advertising.
You may leave your links on a rotator for free.
Your login ads will be presented 24h and not “mixed” with other (by my opinion it’s very important thing because all day is just dedicate to your ad!).
While we’re talking about earning, there are different ways.

As a free member of TCS you may earn up to $ 0.2 daily from cash links and banner ads.
You’ll earn 100% from your own clicks and 50% of your referrals clicks! It’s really not bad!


Except this, Admins offer ad packages with a revenue share.
It costs $5, $10, $25, $30 with different number of banner and  text ad credits.
Total ROI is 110%.
But, cheaper ad packs are slowly (you may expect c-ca 1% on daily basis) and fastest is $30 ad pack (about 2-2.5%).

Minimum payout is first time $2, next time $3 until you reach $10.00.  Then, your minimum will remain at $10.00

They except almost all accepted Processors are accepted- STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin. Excellent thing for me is that fee for  ADVcash is 0% (more about ADVcash)


If you ever worked TM you’ll like this site. Admins are trusted, from Balkan.

important thing, while we’re talking about quality of advertising and the price:

Geo-Targeting Capable
$2 = 50 visitors stay for 60 seconds.. they reward the clicker $0.02 and sponsor of clicker $0.01000
$2 = 100 visitors stay for 30 seconds.. they reward the clicker $0.01 and sponsor of clicker $0.00500
No Geo-Targeting
$2 = 200 visitors stay for 15 seconds.. they reward the clicker $0.005 and sponsor of clicker $0.00250
$2 = 1000 visitors stay for 10 seconds.. they reward the clicker $0.001 and sponsor of clicker $0.00050

It’s really cheap and visits of your site of 15-30 seconds provide better Alexa rank (if you’re site’s owner).
So we’ll expect one stable long term site.

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