The best trafficexchangers (TE)

What’re trafficexchangers & autosurf, benefits, advertising & create an ad campaign and possibility to earn


So trafficexchangers are pages for exchanging any type of traffic You need.

As per rules it’s forbidden to exchange clicks directly. But it not forbidden to pay ad campaign and get traffic for your page.

Paid advertising is a good but often expensive opportunity. So, some sites offer to pay you to see other people ads. You may be paid in money ($, Bitcoins or other currency) or in credits.

That money or credits you may payout or use for your own advertising by making an ad campaign.

Some of them offer just page view and other offer different type of exchanges (FB likes, you tube like/subscribes etc.)
For every blogger or people in affiliate marketing trafficexchangers are neccessary tool. Some people think that is not “high quality ad campaign” but I don’t share that opinion. Because all of us, trafficexchangers‘s users, we are bloggers, parents, member of some groups, travelers etc. So if we’ll see something interesting, for sure we’ll visit that page. Even if it wasn’t our intention from the beginning.

My experience is result of monitoring on feedjit. I could see that on my feedjit live few minutes after I put my link.

Why did I say this? Because, few times it happened that I paid advertising and put my link but I didn’t get traffic. After my complain, admin reply something like ” We put your ads on our site but we can not force somebody to click”. Practically I couldn’t do anything and it was lost money and time.


Trafficmonsoon trafficexchangers Marta jobs

Another excellent trafficexchangers is famous Trafficmonsoon. Even it’s combination of TE and revenue share, but you’ll get REALLY quality traffic.

Traffic monsoon Marta jobs

Trafficmonsoon is trafficexchangers and revenue share too. But from 28th of March 2016 it’s necessary to upload documents for earn from shares.


Ayuwage Marta jobs

The next one is Ayuwage it’s a combination of different type of pages (PTC, TE). But it’ll give you real quality of ad campaign and you may choose between so many possibilities-just to ask people to open your page or click on ads, or to explore etc)

Ayuwage Marta jobs trafficexchangers



Easyhit4you Marta jobs trafficexchangers

Maybe the most effective is Easyhits4you  it’s one of my favorites and it’ on my list of safe and long time existing sites. It’s page with OVER MILION members, so your “visibility” can’t be better.

You may choose between free and upgrade membership. Means different type of benefits you may see that on the following image.:

Easy hits memberships Marta jobs trafficexchangers

if you decide to be free member you may surf 2:1 (means you have to see 2 other people ads to get one view of your ad).

Or, if you have no time to click you may just buy ad credits.:

Easy hits credit cost Marta jobs trafficexchangers


If you’re serious blogger the most probably you’re already member. If you ‘re not, this is absolutely “MUST HAVE assistent”. 🙂  And you may  JOIN FOR FREE by clicking on banner:

Easyhit4you Marta jobs-trafficexchangers


Autosurf trafficexchangers Marta jobs

Following sites is not one of trafficexchangers but autosurf. Mean you earn minutes and exchange it to get traffic on your own sites. Very useful thing and high reccomend specially for bloggers which are in Google adsense program! 

HitLeap Marta jobs trafficexchangers

This is not an trafficexchangers as other, which work on following way: after registration (by clicking on banner).

Hitleap Marta jobs

You have to click on earn traffic and than to download application. When you’ll start application it start to earn minutes for your site. This you may offer other people.

Hitleaps trafficexchangers Marta jobs


Websyndic Marta jobs trafficexchangers

This is my “last discover” but very good autosurf site. It’s good because you may set time, and to earn credits “on passive way” and after that exchange it. It’s excellent trafficexchaners especially for people in google adsense program.

Websyndic Marta jobs trafficexchangers

Ref. commission is 10% and if you decide to buy credit the price is decent.

Websyndic trafficexchaners buy credit Marta jobs
So don’t miss this it’s excellent and you may earn even without any investment.


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