“Revshare/PTC” news-the last week of April…

In this post you may find actual news in PTC world (surprise as Paidverts) and about best revenue share sites during the month of April 2016(most of them published on FB too), new one page (start in four day), cost of shares, earn of shares/24 hour, ROI payment proofs, payment processors accepted, minimum payout/deposit,level and pay of referral commission sustainability, admin, bonuses

Hashrevshare Marta jobs

New revshare site start after few days, from admin Ruby Hoffman…

Hash rev share Marta jobs

Admin offers so many nice things-FB and Skype support, different cost of shares($1/$5/$10), ROI 110-120%, with maturity 10/6/3 days, 5 level of referral commission, 

Hash rev share Marta jobs

Admin promises following six ways to earn too, instant payout (and minimum payout is $2) accepted Processors are accepted- STP, PMPayzaPayeerBitcoin

Hash rev share Marta jobs

As you may see on following screenshot, after you register for free, you’ll get a nice bonus and you may buy at least 2 cheapiest shares (I suppose just in the prelaunch phase)

Hashrevshare Marta jobs

Although it’s thankless to give any forecast, textbook is cheep, admin relatively unknown in the PTC world, but on the URS‘ example we can see that that doesn’t mean anything, because URS is still one of the best revshare sites.

Paidverts Marta jobs

The biggest surprise in PTC world is Paidverts “comeback”! So many people critics me because I didn’t wish to take it off from my list of stable&safe sites, because last few months it was online but without earning, but I had trust in admin‘s (Mark De Koning) big, seven years long experience in PTC world. More, I dedicated whole page to this site, because it was typical and innovative page when it started for the first time.
This is admin‘s message:

Paidverts Marta jobs


Paidverts‘s partner site is MyTrafficValue (MTC) when you may buy shares and you login with the same username&password as on Paidverts 

Paidverts news Marta jobs
If you need more information about this site, click here to see How it work or register by clicking here for free

Grmclix Marta jobs

While we’re talking about revshares one of the best (mentioned in my analysis in March) one of two the best, recommended in my post of 27 of February, since is GRMCLIX.
Admin, Maria Nadal is very active on FB,usually morning and the evening, this is her last post:

Admin post Marta jobs

As you may see from Admin‘s FB post, payouts are correct, admin keep in touch with members every day, and, now some new “Marketing strategy later today..
Its not a bonus, not a contest, but something which will leave
GRMCLIX‘s impression on thousands of people’s mind as surprise”.
I’m curious and waiting with much impatience to know details, but no any doubt it could be opportunity to earn some extra money as usual..

If you’re not member already, it’s not to late to become now, even we’re talking about revshare page, because (this is my personal impression) this site has all condition to become one of “stable & long term”(because sustainability is provided by much things-monthly membership, not too fast earning, Admin‘s originality etc


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