Review of current sites this weekend

Don’t miss opportunity to earn some money with a small investment with MTA(MyTrandingAds) and new revshare site started the last week of this month as well as their admins and conditions of Payment/payout, referral commission  (OurTrafficPays) something about PTC news, Bitcoins as well as some good project but I’m going to miss

Ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

As I mentioned in one of previous posts, this site will start officially 31st of this month, but in prelaunch phase you may earn money from PTC (it’s about $0.1 on daily basis) and looking for referrals. If you collect enough money on this way to buy share you may do it too, but shares bought now are not earning.
While we’re talking about this site, even nobody can guarantee that will be successful or long term or something, but the thing I CAN SAY is, that admin, David Jackson, is amazing and very efficient.
I tried to bought share (from referral commission and PTC earning because add fund isn’t open yet) and I did it, but after that, money was taken from account but share is not added.
I post it in official FB group asking what to do.
OurtrafficPays Marta jobs

So, what to do in prelaunch phase? Earn from PTC and if you collect enough buy share from earning or commission balance.
Ad packages you may see bellow

Ourtraffic ad pack Marta jobs

Important thing is that referral commission is really high (in totally 21%) in 10 levels.
Payment Processors are accepted- STP, Payza

Except this, they offer advertising Traffic exchange in a reasonable price

TE price ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

Now, VERY IMPORTANT THING! Don’t miss an opportunity to participate good revshare program with small investment in prelaunch phase!

                                             JOIN HERE FOR FREE 

MTA Marta jobs

MTA is a combination of PTC/revshare/matrix site started few days ago, admin shared 4000 ads value of $1 each- for first members. Some of us success to take this benefit and buy some shares or matrix position (as I did from referral commission and PTC views, earn some money and buy the cheapest share which cost$1, ROI 110%).

On following image you may see cost and type of all ad packages offered by MTA:

MTA ad packs Marta jobs
But important thing is that admin offer something new starting from 25th of May.

New ad pack MTA Marta jobs

so we may earn on different ways and as from share so even from our own PTC links!

MTA click Marta jobs

Site by my opinion passed “critical point” and could be alive for a long time.

MTA Marta jobs
It’s too good chance to miss it!   Click on banner to join for free!

Other news Marta jobs

There are two new revshare sites people talking about and recommend and
But this time I’ll miss that because of share cost ($10 per share is too much money to pay for me per one share and need to long time to collect enough money to buy new one share). And, more important reason is, that I prefer to continue to build my “long term portfolio” on safe and long time existing sites and to invest in these two excellent sites (more time pass, more that become better)-because I would like to make one stable and continuous monthly income.
As well as to pay attention a little bit more on bitcoin based sites.

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