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What is Perfect Money, the benefits of this payment processor? How to register, open account and use it? Different processors connected with it, how to deposite?  Funding/withdrawal fee, credit / prepaid cards you may use, opportunity to earn as affiliate

Perfect-Money Marta jobs

Perfect Money is a payment processors from Iceland. Existing few years, very practical because it’s a processor with very low fee. So, we may earn/withdraw small amounts.

How-it-work Perfect Money Marta jobs
If you have no account you may register and open it for free, by clicking on following image.:

Perfect-money Marta jobs

Then fulfill register form, after that you’ll get e-mail for account verification.

Perfect Money register Marta jobs

Perfect Money register Marta jobs

After that how to deposite funds? There are different possible ways:

Deposite Perfect Money Marta jobs

As you may see (signed by arrow) this processor offer an unusual opportunity. You may ask other Perfect Money user to send you some money as a loan. So, it’s benefit for both sides, you may get money you need and other could earn!

Very important thing: after you’ll register, you’ll get your own number of account which you’ll use it to log into your account together with password and code. If you log from unusual IP address-you’ll get it on your e-mail.

Login Perfect Money Marta jobs

But, after login it’ll open the next page with detail of your account

Perfect Money account Marta jobs

As you may see they accept USD, EUR, GBP.  When you open “my account” you’ll see this. These three numbers of your account you’ll find other people when you would like to earn/withdraw/recieve money from them. NOT THE NUMBER YOU LOG IN WITH!!! It’s very important is it U or u or E/e!! 
You may send/receive money from other Perfect Money users WITHOUT ANY FEE!

Perfect Money offer prepaid cards too. As you can see on the following image.:

Credit Cards Perfect Money Marta jobs

But it’s, by my opinion a little bit expensive option. Except this, you have to wait (and many other people share my opinion too). So I recommend to order plastic credit card from this processor. Because it’ll resolve many other problems. If you order plastic card into the first 7 days after register it cost $4.99. You’ll get it for 7-10 days-if you need more information about this processor you may read by clicking here)


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