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In this post you may get information about Payza as one of the most used and popular payment processors. About benefits, bad sides, as well as how to open account (verified and non verified). How to add Credit Card, what is dispute and how to do it? How to use your earned money, (Bitcoin included) on Payza

Why create an account on Payza?

First of all because it’s one of the most used processors. So many shopping site accept it and the most part of “earn money on the net” type sites.
The second good reason (but very important) is security. Protection of our personal data and our identity or Credit Cards.
When you have to send or receive money, to pay something etc. You are obligated to leave  JUST YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS to customer/seller/employer-and NOT your name. Not Credit Card number or similar data.

Why Payza is high recommended processor if you’re freelancer or “moneymaker” earning on the net?

Because Payza have no so strictly rules as well as PayPal for instance. But it is safe and have strong customer protection policy.

As I write already, PayPal changed their rules and Frozen account of so many advertising companies. And, they practically ruined or at least make big difficulties in business.
But with Payza, you have all benefits as with PayPal. Practically it’s fast way of payment, secure, and if you’re not satisfied by goods or services you may ask your money back.

Payza dispute Marta jobs

Except PayPal, Payza is unique payment processor which offer this opportunity. You have to write all data-details about seller what did you pay. Why you didn’t get it terms and expecting time to get service/good and send it. After review they’ll decide about your complain and you’ll get your money back.

Dispute Payza Marta jobs

You have to explain why you’re making dispute, and this is an example: .

I have invested in/bought from (seller’s name), and I have also spent money and efforts for advertising the company. But since they do not provide what we agreed upon, I would appreciate if you just refund me money. Thank you!

Dispute Payza Marta jobs

Payza Marta jobs

Open account Payza Marta jobs

OPEN ACCOUNT Payza Marta jobs

After you fulfill this register form, you’ll get e-mail to confirm it. And, your account is ready to use!  Because Payza you may use as nonverified user. But in this case you’ll have a limit of amount of money on daily/monthly basis.
If you decide to verify your account its easy too. Just log into your account, click on “verify” on the left side and attach necessary documents.
It’s more practically to scan and save in your PC your ID, driving licence or passport. And, some bill to confirm address. After that to just click brows and attach file.

Payza Marta jobs
After that you may connect your Payza account with your Credit Card. They accept VISA only (not Master Credit Card). For this you have to go on Add Credit Card and follow instruction-to write Credit Card numbers and scan it, as well as one bank statement (not older than 30 days).
After that you may send your money from your Payza account to your Credit Card and use it normally.

Interesting and very important information is that Payza accept Bitcoins too, so if you earned money in Bitcoins you may send it on your Bitcoin address and use it normally.
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Payza Marta jobs

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