How to get profit from scam sites?

If you’re beginner the most probably you’ve seen somewhere word “scam”.

But you don’t know what “scam” mean.

Generally word scam we use in moment when one site stop to pay it’s members.
We, “net working&earning people” have our joke: there are just two groups of sites:
-site already scam
-and sites which BECOME scam 🙂

Sites scam-Marta jobs

If one site become scam just because stop to pay their members, it’s maybe best thing could happen. You’ve lost less or more money and that’s it. But worse thing could be if your data is stolen.

How this can happen?

If you use same login password for more different sites, somebody hack other sites you are visiting and steel your money earned there.
Maybe absolutely the worst thing is if some scammer hack your Payment Processors account.


So, what we can do to protect ourselves?

Sites scam-Marta jobs

First of all use DIFFERENT password in different sites. Don’t use Google to save your passwords, from time to time change it, and best is save it on paper and not in your PC!
How to create good, safe password read more on page dedicated to beginners .
And NEVER EVER don’t send any data to Payment Processors from your e-mail!! Because they NEVER ask it.

But so called “Phishing page” look same as page of some processor and you get it by e-mail.

Usually text in addition is something like:”if you don’t fulfill this immediately you’ll loose your account”.
And, once you fulfill your data on that page -“say good by” to your money.
So, for payment processors I warmly recommend to use some additional protection: phone verification, sms for every transaction etc.

Sites scam-Marta jobs

But this post is dedicated to answer on question: is it possible to have some profit from scam sites? And how to do it?

Sites scam-Marta jobs

If some site was popular, with big number of it’s members, was online few months before become scam, we can do something!
Usually that’s are trafficexchangers (read more about best trafficexchangers even some of them become scam). Or revshare sites (best revshare you may find on safe and stable list).

And, except money earned there, usually we have credits for advertising.

So as soon as possible-since scam site is online, use that credits for your ads for other good sites. Money on pending/earning balance use to create PTC ads for your campaign. Because at that moment, site has many visitors but most part of them don’t know that site become scam. Or so many visitors beginners.
So, even you won’t get MONEY, you’ll get referrals for other jobs or visits for your own site.
use that opportunity quickly.

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