FusionRev-new “good looking” rev-share

I won’t miss this opportunity to earn some money with an investment in new revshare sites, beginning of month of July. Something about cost of position/share, Level of referral commission ad credits, repurchase rule, minimum/maximum withdrawal, sustainability, payment processors .. Don’t miss to participate!

Why did I say at the beginning of this text that I won’t miss this revshare and why am I thinking that this is good opportunity?
It seems that this site use similar system as URS and TSG, two revshares sites where all people which participated-earned nice amount of money (considering investment).
Other my argument is cheap price of shares-$2, $5, $10, $20-because by my experience as cheaper as are shares, more people participate and earning is faster and site could exist longer than with a higher cost of shares..

Fusionrev ad packs Marta jobs

The second my argument “pro” is not too much high referral commission:
For Referral‘s Purchases from Cash Balance:-
Level-1 : 7%
Level-2 : 3%
Level-3 : 1%
For Referral‘s Purchases from Repurchase Balance:-
Level-1 : 3%
Level-2 : 1%
Level-3 : 1%

The next thing which could provide longer site‘s sustainability is limited earning (max x3 of investment excluding referral commission as well as repurchase rule (higher earning give higher percent of repurchase).
Every share provide nice number of ad credits-the cheapest share give 50 banner’s ad credits 20 text ad credits and 30 website ad credits and as every new site it’s good for advertising


Payment  Processors are accepted- STP, PM, Payza, Bitcoin
Minimum withdrawal is $10, maximum $150 per day, withdrawal is manual, from Monday to Friday and withdrawal fee is 1% for all processors.


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