FortAdPays-safe, stable & long time existing page, ROI

What is FortAdPays? How does it work, how to earn money, share’s cost, commission level. How long page exist, total ROI ref. commission levels

Marta jobs-FortAdPays

This is a serious, long time ago existing page-from November of 2014.

With more than 180 000 members, FortAdPays is created by legal advertising company from Spain.

FortAdPays offer very good quality of advertising (and visibility!).
I can say this, take into consideration that I have fidjeet on my site. So, I’m able to see any time from where I’m getting traffic. If you’re blogger it’s very important for you, too.

Except this benefit, there are so many other.
Also, you can earn with them, from share revenue with own members.

 Marta jobs-FortAdPays


Their ALEXA is less than 6000 :

FortAdPays alexa Marta jobs

Buying one ad package you’ll get 5 gain publicity. Total ROI 220%, with 50/50% repurchase rule. Previous, one Ad pack cost $1, minimum deposit (and cashout) is $10. Accepted processors were Payza and 2Pay4You. Instead of this, now one Ad pack cost $10, and give you 50 advertisement credit.
Now it’s possible to pay it just in Bitcoins. But it’s not necessary to “add fund” first and than buy ad pack, you may buy it directly from processor.

Platform is similar as old MPA and it’s very practical. Because, you may buy new share as soon as you collect $1 (previous and $10 now) on both balances. It’s not fast, but it’s pretty safe and stable. Other safe and stabile sites you may find here.

How it look like you may see on following image:

FortAdPays Marta jobs-click


There is support in many languages (Italian, Spain, English, Arab, Bulgarian, Russian, German and other). There are video tutorials “how to do” too.

It’s necessary to surf 7 ads daily to be qualified  to get revenue. You may also earn from PTC ads (up to $0.15), and referral commission from 4 levels.
To cashout you have to validate your account-scan your Passport or ID


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