Facebook Ad campaign-how create it?

Facebook-ad-campaign Marta jobs

So many readers-beginners or most part of older generation made a question how to create ad campaign on Facebook, or add photo? What does mean hashtags, how to find post link..?

Take into consideration that Facebook is maybe most important resource to put your ad campaign.

So, get answer on this question is very important.

I’ll try to explain that step by step. When you open your Facebook account you’ll find this:

Facebook-ad-campaign-Marta jobs

If you wish just to write some text click on “STATUS”, to add photo or video clip click on Photo/Video. Life Event usually we use to call some friends on birthday party, concert, training etc.

Facebook-ad-campaign Marta jobs

If we decided to add photo, and we already have it saved in our PC/Phone just click upload and choose file from our folder.

After we added desired Photo/video clip, we’ll see following image:

Facebook-ad-campaign-Marta jobs

So, first of all we have to write something what describe our Photo, if we would like to add more Photos we click on “+”.
After that, step 2 we’ll choose who can see our Post/Photo.Facebook-ad campaign Marta jobs

There are three options: “only me” (means that post will be visible just to owner of account).
If we would like to share something just with close friends, then we have to choose “Friends”.

But, ad campaigns have to be visible as much as possible so, usually we’ll choose option “Public”. In that case, anyone on Facebook could see this.

Facebook writting-on-net Marta jobs

Something is very important about writing on Facebook, social net generally, web sites. Usually, in newspaper or letter it’s important to follow grammar rules.
But online writing need sometimes to avoid it. Why? Because some words are considered as so called “stop words“.
That’s are practically  most used words, so Search Engine doesn’t recognise anything specific.
For instance it’s correct to say “THE best …something”  but “the” is one of “stop words” and our post will be less “visible”.

Facebook-ad-campaign Marta jobs hashtags

Next very important question is: what’s “hashtag” and why we are using that?

Hashtag is this sign “#” and we put it behind words important for our post. For example if you’re working/earning on net and your ad campaign is about it. You’ll put “#” behind words like #earn, #money, #net. Because # make your post not just more visible, but visible to TARGET category. So your post will be visible much to all people which, as you #earn, #work, make #money, on #net and less visible to other people.

facebook-ad-campaign Marta jobs And. finally, after we did all previous things how to make our post much more visible? How to let us know about us even unknown people, worldwide?

Best way is to SHARE it in target groups.

How we can join in groups?
First of all we have to find groups we are interested for (Earn on net, Work from home, Make money online..) and ask to join or (better) ask some of our friends already member to add us.
After that we can share post in desired group by clicking on share button and choose “share in group”.

Facebook-share-in-group Marta jobs         Facebook-share-in-group Marta jobs

If we would like to send our post to somebody, easiest way is to click on picture of our post. It will be open in new window so we have to click on that in browser, right click of mouse on that and choose “copy” URL from browser (usually it starts with http/:something/post..).

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