Exciting and unpredictable PTC revshare week is ahead of us!

Don’t miss opportunity to earn some money with a small investment with MTA (MyTrandingAds) and new revshare sites start the next week of this month (OurTrafficPays, Hourlyadsrevenue ) as well as get information about how to open account,  admins and conditions of Payment/payout, referral commission  (OurTrafficPays) something about old sites (URS and GRMClixPTC and Bitcoins news

Ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

As I mentioned in one of previous posts, this site will start officially 31st of this month, but yesterday it opened add fund, so it’s possible to buy shares except just earn money from PTC (it’s about $0.1 on daily basis)
The most important thing these next few days is to look for referrals (take into consideration that referral commission is really high, in totally 21% in 10 levels!)  .
I have to repeat, that admin, David Jackson, is amazing and very efficient.
I tried to bought share from referral commission and PTC earning and money was taken from account but share is not added-he solved it in less than 1 hour…

                                                          So click on banner to participate for free!

OurtrafficPays Marta jobs

Payment Processors are accepted- STP, Payza  More details (about shares and traffic exchange cost, payout etc read here)

                                             JOIN HERE FOR FREE 



The second site will start the last week of this Month too, (30.05.2016) is Hourlyadsrevenue, admin is Arnold Foley, there is official FB group, on following image you may see what site offer, cost of shares, referral commission:

Hourlyadsrevenue Marta jobs


Payment processors accepted are: STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin, and there are PTC ads too (today was 1 x $0.01, 1 x $0.002 nad 1 x $0.001)
In any case if it’s Payza one of processors, it seems to be serious.

By clicking on banner bellow, open account for free and try to refer other people and earn referral comission of 10%. Minimum deposit/payout is $5.

Hourlyadsrevenue Marta jobs



MTA Marta jobs

MTA is a combination of PTC/revshare/matrix site, from correct admin. From tomorrow, 25th of May except these three type of shares or matrix position on image bellow, it’ll be possible to

buy new $2 pack with ROI of 125%, 50% Rep.Rule and daily earning of high 5%!!
So it’s nice chance to earn some money fast without too much investment!!..

MTA ad packs Marta jobs

2dollar pack MTA Marta jobs 

referral commission is 12%, from  PTC views it’s possible to earn some money too).

Site by my opinion passed “critical point” and could be alive for a long time so don’t miss the chance to make your long term income-click on banner to participate for free! .

MTA Marta jobs

The upcoming important news for tomorrow will be related to
Ultimaterevshare Marta jobs

Still excellent page (from the beginning  in month of February when I mentioned it for the first time in my post , and I can recommend this site since)- URS‘s  admin, Tom Taylor envisage   obligated monthly membership of $10 what will be required for purchases in Advanced packs and higher. It was envisaged to start from 1st of June, nut it will start from tomorrow.
This, by my opinion, will provide sustainability and program long life.
Anyway,  all of us earn with this site nice amount of money, admin was very correct paying in few hours and, so he deserve to be supported from all of us. Because of all mentioned I still think that it deserve to have own place on my my page safe, stable sites
If somebody is not already member-
share cost: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $40
Total ROI 110-135%
1 share($1) earning/h-$0.1
Repurchase  50/50%
Minimum deposit $5, minimum payout $10
No SURF obligated.
Processors are accepted- STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin


Grmclix Marta jobs

In the same post when I mentioned for the first time  URS, I reccomended GRMClix too. Now it’s four months old and even better than on the beginning,

Grmclix Marta jobs-click

GRMCLIX, succesfull site from admin Maria Nadal,  (earn $0.05/share/day) is stable, paying, seems to be “longlife- site” with NO repurchase rule.
Ad packages (share) cost $2, $5, $10, $25.
Today midnight expire special offer-Fast track pack (cost $25, with 50% Repurchase Rule. Up to 120% Revenue Sharing, Daily Cap 10% , Matures in 12 days).
But still there are so many ways to earn-12% of referral commission, and offer connected to MMG(MoneyMaker group, rewards for top referrers, etc) from cash links value $0.004 each (25 permitted daily). If you post your payment proof, you’ll get credit 20 coins/post.


For withdraw and buy higher ROI shares it’s require to upgrade monthly membership is $4 and surf 7 ads daily.There are cash links from $0.004 (25 permitted daily)-so you may earn even without investment. If you post your payment proof, you’ll get credit 20 coins/post. 

There are support in different languages (English, Spain French, Hindu)

Payment processorsSTP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin , Ethereum Coin, Litecoin


Other news Marta jobs

While we’re talking about new revshare sites-Hash rev share seems to become scam (even it’s less than one month old). I was lucky because I invested through Payza (so it’s possibility to write a dispute details how to do that you my find in my post about this processor)
As well as to pay attention a little bit more on bitcoin based sites some nice experience with a site mentionedBIT-HASH, payment is instant (and minimum investment is really small- 100 000 satoshi) just wish to illustrate how fast is a payment

BITHASH pay out Marta jobs

so, if you didn’t participate-it’s not late now-just click here to open account for free

So conclusion is: even I’m trying not to miss some thing new and potentially good, and to be up to date, that I’ll continue to build my “long term portfolio” on safe and long time existing sites making one stable and continuous monthly income. 

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