ADVancedCash-my favorite processor

What is ADVancedCash or just Advcash, the benefits of this payment processor, how to register, open account and use it, other processors connected with, how to deposite, how to use Bitcoin funding/withdrawal fee, credit cards, opportunity to earn as an affiliate

ADVancedCash Marta jobs

ADVancedcash Marta jobs


is a Russian payment processors, existing few months, very practical because it gave us possibility to connect to other processors with very low fee and avoid expensive exchangers.

funding and withdrawal fees for e-currencies:
OKPay funding fee – 1%.
Paxum funding and withdrawals are 1% and 0.5% correspondingly.
BTC-e funding fee is 1% while BTC-e withdrawals are 1.25%.
Perfect Money funding is 1.25% while Perfect Money withdrawals are 0.75%. EXMO withdrawal fee is 1.25%.
Funding fee for online banking of all Russian banks is 3%.


How it work? First of all you have to register and create account (you may do it by clicking on following banner)

ADVancedCash Marta jobs
When it open scroll down and click on “register account for free”

ADVancedCash register Marta jobs

Then fulfill register form, after that you’ll get e-mail for verification.
ADVancedCash register Marta jobs

After that how to deposite funds on ADV(anced)Cash account?

There are three possible way:

ADVancedCash Deposite Marta jobs

Deposite ADVancedCash Marta jobs

As you may see, except USD, EUR, GBP, it’s possible to use Russian Ruble and bitcoin too!


ADV(anced)Cash offer credit cards too, virtual as well as plastic. If you order plastic card into the first 7 days after registration it cost $4.99, you’ll get it for 7-10 days.
It’s credit card protected by chip.
An interesting thing is, that you may send money indirectly here, even do from processors which are not supported.
An example:
You may not deposit or funding money from Payza.
But, you may choose option to withdraw from this processor in Bitcoin. It take 2-3 working days to get Bitcoin in your wallet.

After that you deposit Bitcoin in your ADVancedCash account (deposite fee is 0%). After that, let you send money on your credit card and use it normally.

More about PAYZA you may read here: click here.

More about Bitcoin you may read here

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