AdsPayMoon-something different, start 08./03.

AdsPayMoon, admin, % of daily earning, ad package cost, minimum cashout, accepted payment processors

Adspaymoon banner

This is new programm, AdsPayMoon, will start the day after tomorrow, dashboard is completely different looking from other sites, itàs written that admin is The Shuin Tony, from UK (who could be sure in that?!). But, he is very active on FB, Skype, Twitter and there are not bad comments on different forums.

AdsPayMoon dashboard


The things I like: minimum cashout $1, cheap ad packages (the cheapest cost $2 with 4.2% earning/daily/per package in total 126%). That ensure money accumulation and provide longer life of the page.

The most expensive ad package cost $60, with daily earning of 5.3% in total 160%.

Referral commission is 15%, there is no FEE for deposit (for cashout is decent  3%).

Processors are following: Payza, STP, PM, Bitcoin, Payeer, Wire Transfer

The thing I DON°T like: there is no repurchase rule.

My recommendation is: follow your own “feeling”! (mine is good), if you decide to start, do it on the beginning, with one investment medium-not too much not small and than..

We’ll see…



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