Take your place in Banana fund!

If you loved Paidverts, most probably you’ll

love Banana Funds!

It is new project of Joe, one of Paidverts creator.

All of us know that Paidverts is working and paying after few years. We can be optimists and say that Banana Fund has really good chances to become one long term project!

Even anybody knows in this moment how it will work exactly, that we know, is fact, that first 10000 members will get special discount.
I suppose that is some “mixture” of Crowdfunding and Internet Marketing. They’ll sell “token”
Something like we, first members will have opportunity to get our token cheaper than other. Joe created some “groups” depend when every member joined site.
Groups you can see on following photo:
Banana Fund groups Marta jobs
Thing we already know is that all tokens we can pay in Bitcoins. All tokens are equal but we may buy token’s parts. How much it’ll cost-initial token offering-we may see on this picture:

Banana Funds initial token Marta jobs

So, all of us net working and net earning people have big expectation of this site. Site itself will start in January. Exactly day we’ll know few days before official start.
Also, considering that Joe is well known leader we’ll expect very “aggressive” ad campaign.
My conclusion is based on fact that first two prelaunch days, without any campaign it was more than 3000 members in Banana Fund. Join by clicking here:

Admin provide opportunity to “take place in queue” in next way. In anticipation of the Initial Token Offering that will happen in Jan/Feb 2017., everybody can reserve own place in the queue, via the placement of a nominal 0.01 BTC bid. Also, he provid that we can cancel our bids if we are not satisfied with our position. But, in that case we’ll loose our place. And they will place all our bids separately-means they not add it in our already existing position.

We can buy tokens from BTCe, so if somebody use ADVCash as payment processor (more about AdvCash) they give special offer to deposit from BTC-e!
So don’t loose your place in queue, don’t be 10001 member! 🙂