November’s new & best


New in November’s first days-post about best sites for online earning (revshare, matrix, PTC), their Admins,ROI, payout, currency/BTC,EUR,USD

First of all long time expected MyPayingCryptoAds new site od famous Admin Uday Nara. Maybe the best of all.

The most probably it’s first in revshare industry where completely transaction will be in cryptocurrency (BTC). Add fund/payout/buy shares..

It seems that this will be alive from next Monday.
Share will cost BTC 0.05 and Admin offers referral commission withdrawable.

If you log into site right now, you may see this:

MyPayingCryptoAds best new Marta jobs

I was little bit confused. But, into the FB support group explain that they will change this and ad packs will be just in BTC. So, don’t consider this.
One new thing is IP verification. So, if you have dynamic IP address you’ll get e-mail verification every time you’ll log into account.
Take into consideration that MPA is online almost 20 months, without payout delay, without problems, with correct Admins, due updates. We can expect this site will be excellent too!

MyPayingCryptoAds best new Marta jobs

Next important thing is that Mxrevshare is not online anymore, instead new one is MXworld.

ut you may use the same login details as previous! Just check up new ref link!!

Another things are added balance in EUR and BTC:

MXworld best new Marta jobs

Changed percent of advertising discount work days/weekend:

Marta jobs new-MXworld

At the moment, I think that this site offers the fastest online earning way.

Because this site is one of “safe and stable” on my own list, and hope it’ll live long more time!title="MXworld

The third big news is new 2×5 matrix site , paying in BTC! From already successful Admin of Jolly5Pro! It’s completely new platform, not a copy! This is a plan:

Marta jobs-matrix-jolly best new

100% safe formula. Once 0.06 BTC Only.
Sponsor email :
File Upload Payment Proof
Pay in Bitcoin on following BTC account: 3BbEp6aoXndDhVqFtiFrGSu5tMQ58sYXAT

Don’t miss this new opportunity because Admin show that he is successful and trustful!