Important revshare-matrix news

This time don’t miss opportunity to earn without investment with MTA(MyTrandingAds) and new revshare site started the last week of this month as well as their admins and conditions of Payment/payout  (OurTrafficPays) something about Bitcoin and PTC news as well as about some old safe & stable-as MPA, URS

Ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

This site will start officially the last day of month May, but now you may view PTC (it’s about $0.1 on daily basis) and take referrals.

OurtrafficPays Marta jobs


What to do in prelaunch?

Ourtrafficpays Marta jobs

and ad packages you may see bellow

Ourtraffic ad pack

Now, VERY IMPORTANT THING! Don’t miss an opportunity to participate good revshare program without investment!

MTA Marta jobs

MTA is a combination of PTC/revshare/matrix site and its offer something unusual-$1 value ad!

So practically it means that you may go on PTV views, earn one dollar and buy the cheapest share (cost$1, ROI 110%) and earn next day from share not just from own clicks!
Site is not new-exist about 2,5 months, so means that it passed “critical point” and could be alive for a long time.
It’s too good chance to miss it!   Click on banner  (or here) to join for free!
MTA Marta jobs

MTA click Marta jobs

One Bitcoin PTC:


It’s a little bit unusual to find real paying PTC site (except Ayuwage in this moment I don’t know any other), and, except this, the following is the first PTC paying in Bitcoin.. Earning is not fast and not too much on daily basis (about 4000 satoshi if you haven’t got referrals), but it pays correctly. Minimum payout is 30000 satoshi for a free members.

Click forBTC Marta jobs
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Bithash Marta jobs

As I recommended in one of previous posts site named BitHash , two days ago I made one “trial payout“-it’s instant and under the text is a payment proof. Minimum investment is really small-just 100 000 satoshi

Bithash payout Marta jobs

If you didn’t partecipate since now, do it for free by clicking here

Since, the fastest revshare site, remain URS
Ultimaterevshare-Marta jobs

as site with correct admin (Tom Taylor) and share earning $0.005/hour (if you have 50 shares its 0.25/h) share cost $1. Minimum payout $10 and it’s in few hour (under the text is one of my payment proofs). More details about site you ay find in this post  If you’re not in  join for free

URS payout Marta jobs

My Pay ing ads Marta jobs

Not much more slowly is legendary MyPayingAds (one share earning is $0.10/day) share cost is $5, and it’s good to make long term portfolio on this site with more than 140 000 members, because admin Uday Nara is one of the most famous and practically synonym of “trustful admin” and “safe site“. So, that means it’s “powerfull net business”. As well as excellent place for advertising. Of course, this site is on my list of stable, safe sites

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