GrmClix-revolutionary idea

What is so special in idea of admin of GRMCLIX page the benefits, create ad campaign and possibility to earn as well as what is necessary to do MMG(Money MakerGroup) to earn money by this promotion

Grmclix Marta jobs

From the moment I mentioned for the first time this page in my post, it become more and more successful. Now admin take this I can say “revolutionary idea

Because of so many questions of my referrals about this special promotion I decided to write this post with all necessary details.

First of all you have to read sign up to MMG. What is MMG, how to create your profile you may read in previous post
If you have not joined MMG, follow this link:
After registration, to participate in this MMG promotion as a GRMCLIX member, after registration you’re going to buy MMG Supporter 1 month subscription of $10.
Buying Subscription in MMG is easy-just pay it directly through your Paypal account.
If you haven’t, still you may pay it through STP or Bitcoin, but in that case let you contact the MMG Admin team (because it’s manually payment and it’s necessary to send them your UserId and number of transaction.
To pay subscription follow next link:…
What benefits you may have from this?
You have to see “bigger picture” and trying to make some safe, “long term business” not just “grab money today and runaway”.
So, if you buy MMG Supporter Subscription
you may, even you’re new member, to have a “signature” to your profile in MMG.
To do this, after you bought Subscription, let go to “My controls page”
and find, into the bottom of left half of your profile page, this:
Personal Profile => Edit Signature . Click on this:
Firts, click inside the Message Box, then just above the box, you
will find small icons as shown in the Picture attached, click on
Insert Image Icon, put this  GRMClix‘s 468×60 NEW, RED Banner URL (screenshot here)

Click on Insert Link Icon, just before the Image icon, than put your
GRMClix ref link in the Pop up Box and click OK.
After that, click on Update My Signature .
Post your view in GRMCLIX MMG thread and Submit just once!!!
Don’t click on Submit multiple times, your post will appear more
than once and it will be regarded as Spam
Once your post is there, the New Red coloured GRMCLIX Banner will be at the bottom of your post so you make check up.
Don’t Spam in MMG, you will be Banned.

What will you do in MMG ?
1. Post your point of view about GRMClix, your payment proofs, your
suggestions, your experience- the same things as you are doing in FB Group, simply-meaningful things in GRMCLIX official thread…
2. Except this, so many of us are part of various other programs. So, you may post your Payment proofs of other programs in their thread e.g. Suppose you are a member of URS, you are posting payments proofs in URS FB group, let do the same in MMG URS thread. (URS is maybe the fastest revshare in this moment, more details you can read here
3. Don’t make that mistake to post in various threads just to posting. MMG moderators are very strict. If they recognize you as a spamer, they will warn you and Ban.
4. Almost all meaningful program are listed in MMG. So you can
participate in any topics, ask questions and exchange experiences related to some program and know all important facts. Even avoid if become scam!!!
5. Every Month Before completion of your Subscription, Pay MMG
$10; it’s possible to renew subscription or you we may buy one year Sub too
(it cost only $50 for the whole year-so I high recommend this option because of saving much money-more than 50%!!).

If you do all these previous mentioned things what’s benefit will you get ?
1.MMG is one of the biggest and well known forum. It means really significant number of visitors on daily basis. If you’re active in different forum, posting in different threads, ask and reply, your signature is being displayed often. It is good chance that other people click on it and some of them will join GRMCLIX through your link, so, you’ll save the time in advertising too.
2. As GRMCLIX offer multi-level referral commision, you will be benefited from their work too. It really helps you in the next period, take into consideration that GRMCLIX has a tendention to be a “long term” program
3. In the end of every month, starting from 1st June, GRMCLIX admins will add Ad packs worth $10 to every participant who have minimum 40 posts.
Because of all this mentioned, by my opinion, this it can not be understood as a “cost” but more as an “investment” what will be back after 30 days.
4. Another amazing thing is: from 1st June GRMCLIX admins will promote 4 members’ ref link in MMG every month in 468X60 Banner
Practically, that means your banner will be visible under last post on every page (Ad is in a Rotation) on weekly basis.
By my opinion it’s amazing thing because it normally cost $109 per week. It’s not small amount..
5. After that, top 3 active users will get $10 cash. Withdrawable!
7 active users will get $5 cash and next 10 will get Free Monthly Upgrade in GRMClix (cost $4).
So your income depend of your work..
6. Top 10 Referrers of Each Month could expect rewards from $100 to $20 on monthly basis.

So there are so many reasons FOR and NO ONE AGAINST to participate in this special promotion

Don’t forget to send a support ticket to GRMCLIX admins with next data:
-your GRMClix username/userid
-your MMG user name
-in “Subject” put: MMG participant
Forum code of new 468×60 banner (Red Coloured): [img][/img][/url]

If you are not participants of this amazing program you may

                            JOIN FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE

For any questions you’re welcome to send me a message on FB