Beginning of May IMPORTANT news-revshare & bitcoin programs, GRMCLIX SURPRISE

What’s new this week, updated news in our “PTC world“, information about revshares and BTC (bitcoin) sites and their Admins, ad campaign and different opportunity to earn, special promotion of GrmClix on MMG (MoneyMakerGroup)

As usually, I’start my post with new things in “PTC world” so I’ll talk about three new revshares:

Hash revshare Marta jobs

First of all Hashrevshare-a new revshare site started the last week
Hash revshare Martajobs

Admin is Ruby Hoffman, there is FB group support and she’s active there, she offer very attractive opportunity to earn:
as you may see on following picture there are three type of ad packages ($1, $5, $10) but you’re obligated to have 100 the most cheap ad packs to buy those from Plan 2 and 100+100 for Ad packs plan 3. It’s good because obstacle that system will be exhausted fast.

Hash revshare ad pack Marta jobs

JOIN for free

Except this, she offers six unusual other way to earn:

Hashrevshare Marta jobs

As you may see Processors accepted are:
Processors are accepted- STP, PM, Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin

In prelaunch we got $2 on our accounts (I don’t know is it still valid)

Hashrevshare Marta jobs


Myadstory Marta jobs

Second interesting revshare is:

My Ad Story Marta jobs

Adpacks offered cost $1 or $50, but interesting thing is that admin every day share some commission between members, so except commission of your own referrals you’ll get from time to time some commission from other people even if you haven’t referrals (5%). Condition to get this is to have at least one active ad package.

Accepted Processors are  STPPMPayzaPayeerCoinpayments

Bit hash Marta jobs

If you’re “Bitcoin lover” this is a nice thing for you:

Bit hash Marta jobs


Bithash  started few days ago, Minimum investment is BTC 0.001, minimum withdraw BTC 0.0001 (and it’s instant)

Bit hash invest plans Marta jobs

Don’t miss and JOIN for free now!!

More about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you may read here


And, as a “sweet desert” come at the end of the lunch, the best I left for the end of my post:


As I mentioned in one of my previous posts the last month, the site GRMClix remain one of the best from it’s beggining (and today it’s more than 100 day online)-so JOIN for free!
More detailes about ad packages, processors withdraw you may find here.
In today’s post we’re talking about one, maybe “revolutionary idea”, following text is a post of Maria Nadal (GRMCLIX‘s  Admin) from 04/05/2016 (about special promotion as an opportunity to put your advertising there and even earn):
-to create your profile on MMG, to post at least 40 posts per month and get Shares in the end of month

and so many other benefits



If for somebody it’s much complicate to find what to do this is screenshot (after you follow this link

Grmclix on MMG Marta jobs

MMG Marta jobs

If you’re beginner maybe you don’t know what is MMG (MoneyMakerGroup)?
It’s forum with all update information about PTC/earn on the net world. If we would like to compare-as “The Financial Times” is “must have” literature for owner of big business or brokers, so MMG is “must have literature” for all of us “earning on the net” people.
Because, they offer all necessary information, as “who is who”, information about admins, problems, suggestion, other people experience or scams.
So, it’s HIGH RECOMMENDED to make own profile on MMG if you’re going to “work and earn on net” and take serious amount of money.