My Experience With Google ADSENSE Programm

Read about my own experience and the doubt about GoogleAdsense programm

One of appreciated visitors of my site, Evelyn, left a comment with some advice how to earn with Google Adsens programm.

Pushed  by advise of some visitors, two weeks ago, I applied for Google Adsense progamm and I got e-mail informing me that my site is approved. Then, few days later new e-mail “your site is dissaproved” .

So this is my answer to Evelyn and, at the same time the question to Google Adsense “experts”:

Dear Evelyn, all this you’ve written, is very interested for me because at the moment Google adsense accepted my site and few days later disapproved it. I have about 100 new registered users every day.
It’s a big satisfaction for me.
Site is called “Earn on the net with Marta” (mean EARN, avoid TRICKERS and SCAMS, find all NECESSARY information at one place (about payment processors, good web hosting, advices how to do blogging etc), HELP to start if they are beginners, to hear about MY OWN experience and avoid MY MISTAKES).
Now, I am doubting shall I CHOOSE:
1.The Google Adsense MACHINE and make some bucks (and loose the HUMAN BEEINGS)
2. To choose my highly appreciated LOYAL FOLLOWERS (REAL PEOPLE) who are searching for info here every day, because it is HELPING them to EARN their daily income. Hundreds of their/your comments every day confirm that.
My followers are not good enough to see Google ads?!

HOW the google search MACHINE could be so sure that my followers don’t like to travel, buy the things online, use computer programs & games or ANY other goods and services-usually can find in google ads?
So I’m asking myself what is a SENSE of Google adSENSE?

So, does Google Adsense Programm is created to help PEOPLE to grow up their business or to satisfy SE MACHINE?

I asked Google’s Adsense to show my visitors their appreciated offers.

So, if I’m going to satisfy MACHINE and earn some bucks, I’ll have to loose ORIGINALITY and idiosyncrasy. I believe, all people who subscribe to my blog, did it because they believe in it’s content.

I never recommend something just to trick people to invest because of my own benefit. My advise is: always be careful if you’re investing in new “earn-on-the-net-program”.  I always share my real experience. Good and bad. Sincerely.

So, my mission is to share my experience, to HELP people to protect themselves from malware, viruses, hacker attacks. It’s children safe site, without any discrimination, hate speech, porn or similar contents.

I believe that the same is the Google’s mission too. Because of that reason I wanted to be part of that “big family” too. 

My followers found that my articles ARE HELPFUL. And every day, are leaving the comments to thank me for that.

Even, if this, what happened to me, to be denied from Google Adsense, WILL HELP to my visitors, to avoid the same mistake as I did, and they successfully enter in Google Adsense program, it’ll make me happy.

I understand, that Google is powerful machine and I understand “their company their rules”. And I respect it.


So, I’m asking all my visitors to be free and leave their own opinion and experience related to Google Adsense program.