Finally-two good revshares

In this post you will find some useful information about two new, good revshare program GRMCLIX and ULTIMATEREVSHARE accepted payment processors, sustainability and cost of shares and ROI

It was a real disaster for me waiting for TM and MPA to resolve trouble with PayPal and, in the meantime looking so many “rev-scams” to disappear with members money few days after the official start.

Except stability of two mentioned,  I really missed all that “rev-share-adrenaline”.

And, because of all that things, it’s real pleasure for me to say that there are two “promising” revshare pages. I didn’t dare to write about or recommend it before make an overview and check up other, more experienced people experience.

Ultimaterevshare Marta jobs         Grmclix Marta jobs-click


Ultimaterevshare-Marta jobs

The first one, Ultimaterevshare, is very fast, at the moment it’s $0.005/share/hour, (I invested $30, buying 30 shares 18h ago, now I have 33 shares), repurchase rule 50/50. Share‘s price-from $1-$40.

Payment processors: Payza, PM, STP, Cratepay, Payeer , OKPay. There are cash links too ($0.01, $0.005 and $0.0025) and surf ads will be obligated from 1st of March.


Admin, Tom Taylor, says that is not only rev share, instead they have good sustainability plan:

“Business Details

We are NOT an Investment, HYIP, MLM, Matrix, Cycler or Currency Exchange site.
We offer a powerful advertising platform for our members to promote their 3rd party businesses, programs or referral links.
As well as driving traffic to our members websites, they can also receive a share of our profits received from sales of our products, returning up to 150% per Media-pack purchased!
There are several E-books available for our members, 1 new E-book will be added every month.

Our biggest tool to prevent URS from becoming non sustainable is the Profit booster™ should we reach the stage that earnings are becoming too slow, we will activate the Profit Booster™ (more info in our FAQ page)!
The Profit Booster™ is the brainchild of our admin who’s been working for 2 years on a way to prevent a revenue share site from stalling, this plan is now a reality!
I addition we have our traffic packages via our own wholesale traffic site as well as income from the sale of referrals and the diverse advertising packages available for our advertisers. “


Grmclix Marta jobs

Grmclix Marta jobs-click

The next, GRMCLIX, from admin Maria Nadal,  (0.015/share/12h) is stabile, seems to be “longlife- site”, “paying correctly” too.

NO repurchase rule.

Ad packages (share) cost $2, $5, $10, $25. To buy starter $2 packages is not necessary to be upgrade member. For withdraw and buy higher ROI shares it’s require to upgrade (monthly membership is $4, that’s provide sustainability – one more reason to believe that this program will be “long life”)

There are cash links from $0.004 (25 permitted daily)-so you may earn even without investment. If you post your payment proof, you’ll get credit 20 coins/post. 

There are support in different languages (English, Spain French, Hindu)

Payment processors: STP, PM, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum Coin, Litecoin



Ultimaterevshare payout