New rev share sites start soon


New revenue share, it’ll start tomorrow, 18/01/2016, different ad plans:

big rever paketi


And five different processors:

big river procesori


The second site-Modestrevshare start for 13 days (31st of January), look very good, with “longevity potential” because of 70/30 rules and various price of ad packages from $1-$100.


Ad packages plan:

paketi na modest

Payment processors accepted:

procesori za modest

Members benefits:

modest members benefit

You can join site by clicking here

As for any other revenue share site: there is a rule-if you would like to try, do it IMMEDIATELY, buy new shares from both balances (repurchase & account) few days, since you may buy at least one new share from repurchase b. Then continue to buy every day from R.B. but on A.B. collect the money to take your investment back.

If you decide to try- good luck and good earn! 🙂