What’s going wrong with PayPal?

This photo was an inspiration to write few thing..


All of us, working and earning on the net are testimonies how many scammers and trickers are present on “our PTC sky”. Find one honest, correct admin who pays in time, works good is so rare as an pineapple in North Pole.

Two of them-admins of Useclix and MyPaying ads are examples. It wasn’t any problems with these two, any delay of payment or something like that and now, after so many months of excellent job they are blocked and ruined by PayPal.

At the same time so many scammers continue to work, to trick and steal from people every single day. Without any problem.

OK, I understand that PayPal doesn’t support some types of jobs-HYIP, ponzi etc. An I agree with that. Their company their rules.

But the thing I don’t understand why, if something is against their rules they support from the beginning and when it become serious businness ruin that?

Something must be very, very wrong…

This is my way to support these two honest admins.

Except this, there are so many other EXCELLENT PAYMENT PROCESSORS  simple to use and with small fee and cheap credit cards.

Why to continue to use PayPal?