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I’m starting post today with a payment proof

rio isplata za fb                                      rio125


Two week ago I highly recommended this site because it’s safe, growing, paying, there are posts and news in FB group almost every day, and admin offer some bonuses often. No need to surf-100% passive earn!

Sunday-two week ago,  was my “lucky day”-I grab one of that bonuses. My investment was $30.

I asked payment the night before yesterday and I found the message from STP this morning. In the meantime there are enough money on balances to ask new payment.

Conclusion-DON’T MISS THIS! It’s not too late to start!

                                                   JOIN RIO HERE

Other two “high reccomended”:

125burst                                                                                                     isoob

REVADBURST is a typical rev-share page, officially started two days ago, shares cost $1-$50, standard member must surf 10 ads daily, instead silver and gold membership-no need to surf

upgrade cost revburst


“Golden rules” for all revenue share pages:

-don’t start with small amounts ($5-$6)! Because you’ll lose your time since other people make money.

-Try to be fast and first


Try to invest enough to buy at least one new share daily from balances-till 100 shares-then, let you start to collect money for payout.

This is the fastest way to get your invested money back!

I tried this site by $25 investment and it’s c-ca $0,87 daily earning. We’ll see what’s going on.

                                           JOIN HERE

The other-ISOOB-is a hybrid site, there are ads 8×25 points and 5-10 paid ads. It’s good as it was Paidverts at the beginning. The site is new, it’s good, and with a few dollars investment you can earn nice amounts. Referral commission 10%